Listen: Super Bowl LV ads play to a resilient American consumer

The tone of commercials this year is in marked difference to 2020, even if the cost of airing a spot remains eye-watering

To air a 30-second commercial spot during Sunday night's Super Bowl LV costs a minimum $5.5 million in what is the world’s most expensive sales pitch. Although the advertising spend remains eye-watering, this year's crop will look a bit different amid the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Brands in the US have 'leaked' their Super Bowl commercials ahead of time even as some of the biggest legacy brands such as Budweiser and Coca-cola sit this year out. Newcomers such as the Robinhood stock trading app and website maker Squarespace are getting in on the game. So what does the most-watched sporting event reveal about the state of American consumerism and advertising? Co-hosts Mustafa Alrawi and Kelsey Warner discuss.

In this episode: What is the Super Bowl? (0m 38s) What changed this year? (2m 56s) Featured commercials (4m 05s) The Weeknd's contribution (10m 54s)