Business Extra: Dubai Future Foundation's top researcher on life after Covid-19

Track and trace apps, AI and remote work tools are all powering the global pandemic response. The Dubai Future Foundation's executive director Patrick Noack talks about where they may lead us

As the world awaits a vaccine, technology is stepping in to help us cope with the fight against Covid-19 in the meantime. To take steps to return to a new normal, healthcare tech, artificial intelligence and remote work tools are all being turned to and tested like never before.

After years of hype over tech’s potential to take care of us – such as wearable health monitors and apps – has its moment in health care finally arrived? And to what end?

Patrick Noack, an executive director at the Dubai Future Foundation, joins co-hosts Kelsey Warner and Mustafa Alrawi to discuss the foundation’s work on a series of reports titled Life After Covid. They also dig into the future of manufacturing, where the new health technologies may lead and what other trends may be accelerated in life after the pandemic.

In this episode:

How do contact tracing apps work? (0m 49s) Dr. Shirley Yu on China's response (4m 11s) Patrick Noack on tech trends and 'Life After Covid' (6m 37s) Headlines (24m 34s)

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