A tale of two economies: the Covid-19 response from India and China

In this week's episode, The National's correspondent in Mumbai and a professor of political economics in China join the conversation

When should we expect the world to get back to normal?

Mustafa Alrawi, assistant editor-in-chief, and Kelsey Warner, future editor, look at the state of the public health and economic responses to the Covid-19 outbreak from two powerhouse economies, India and China.

The People’s Curfew is underway in India – stalling commercial activity in one of the world’s most important economies and impacting people’s lives. The authorities are attempting to slow the spread of the coronavirus and are concerned the peak of the outbreak there is still weeks away.

From Mumbai, India's financial hub, The National's correspondent Rebecca Bundhun joins to talk about business sentiment.

Meanwhile, the fledgling beat of commerce is returning to Wuhan, where the coronavirus outbreak was first detected at the very end of last year. Two months of heavy restrictions on the movement of 11 million people have been eased, with travel and shopping now possible again.

What can we glean from the China experience in terms of what a recovery could look like? To explore this, Doug Guthrie, head of China initiatives at the Thunderbird School of Global Management and a former managing director at Apple in Shanghai, joins the conversation.

In this episode How is India coping? (1m 05s) Restrictions ease in China, what can we learn? (8m 27s) Headlines (20m 19s)

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