Business Extra: Improving education and access to technology through gaming

Matt Dalio's Endless Studios is on a mission to empower youth through gaming and game creation

As the saying goes, life isn’t all fun and games, or is it?

That’s part of the idea behind Endless Studios, a youth-focused game-making studio and learning hub, which is also on a mission to empower students all over the world by enhancing access to technology and education.

Endless also provides, devices, technology tools and even special operating systems to help children learn.

On this episode, host Cody Combs speaks to the founder of Endless, Matt Dalio, who is on a mission to improve how children are educated and expand access to technology.

They also talk about the UAE in particular as a great place to help make all these ambitious things happen and also reminisce about some classic computer games.

Updated: May 25, 2024, 3:33 AM