Business Extra: Ramadan Edition - How the eSIM business connects people and saves lives

Dina Tsybulskaya, CEO of eSIM Plus, joins Business Extra this week

Ramadan is a time of reflection, solidarity and community. One of the core values of the month for Muslims is to gather with family members for big meals and to stay connected with them.

Yet, for millions of people living in conflict zones in the region, Ramadan is not the same as before and staying connected has become a lifeline.

A few months ago, the eSIM technology emerged as a game-changer in one of the biggest current conflicts in the Middle East; the Israel-Gaza war.

It offered seamless connectivity at times of prolonged communications blackouts that severed telephone and internet connections.

So how has the eSIM business become a driver of connectivity? And how does technology serve humanitarian purposes?

Dina Tsybulskaya, CEO of eSIM Plus, joins Business Extra host Cody Combs this week to talk about the eSIM industry's growth and its impact on conflict zones.

Updated: March 14, 2024, 1:58 AM