Cop26: what to expect from the high-stakes climate conference

Companies and industries are well-represented in Glasgow as leaders agree on how to deliver on goals

Addressing the opening session of Cop26, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was “one minute to midnight” on the climate doomsday clock.

But sharp rhetoric is not the business of the day in Glasgow: 196 nations are convening in a test of commitment to avert a climate disaster.

The National's London bureau chief Damien McElroy joins co-hosts Mustafa Alrawi and Kelsey Warner this week to talk about what to expect from the high-stakes conference and the big decisions to be made over the 12 days.

Hosted by Mustafa Alrawi and Kelsey Warner

Produced by Ayesha Khan and Arthur Eddyson

In this episode

Damien McElroy sets the scene from Cop26 (1m 33s)

How developed and developing nations should move forward (4m 56s)

Scaling up and the finance conversation (8m 21s)

The energy crisis elephant in the room (9m 55s)

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Updated: November 04, 2021, 7:26 AM