Beyond the Headlines: Stranded seafarers to return home after years abroad

In March 2017 the ship Tamim Al Dar found itself, along with its crew, abandoned at sea 46 kilometres off the coast of the UAE.

It was one of seven ships owned by Elite Way Marine Services, a company that was facing financial difficulties and found itself unable to pay crew salaries or maintenance for its fleet.

It has been over two and half years but four crew members, two from India and two from Eritrea, had been awaiting payment and to travel home.

On December 19, 33 months after they were first abandoned at sea, the four seafarers finalised an agreement with their employer for 80 per cent of their owed wages.

We hear from Vikash Mishra one of the seafarers who has spent over three years away from his family as well as Rev Andy Bowerman from the Mission to Seafarers, a non profit that has been helping the crew. Senior Associate Shehab Mamdouh from the legal firm Fichte and Co. gives us an insight into maritime law.