Beyond The Headlines: Observing Ramadan in countries hit by conflict

Ramadan is typically a time of spiritual reflection, self-discipline and community bonding for Muslims around the world. But for millions of people in the Arab region, Ramadan this year is defined by violence and uncertainty.

On top of that, the Middle East is amidst one of its worst food crises in recent years, according to the UN’s World Food Programme. About 40 million of the region’s 400 million people now face acute food insecurity, with 11 million unable to find enough food for their families each day.

But this does not stop some families from coming together to break their fast, revive the Ramadan spirit, and share whatever they have with one another.

In this week’s episode of Beyond The Headlines, host Thoraya Abdullahi takes a look at how Muslims observe Ramadan amid security threats, and delves into the different experiences in conflict zones, featuring voices from Sudan, Syria and Lebanon.

Updated: March 16, 2024, 10:29 AM