Plight of animals in UAE needs to be highlighted

This injured cat was found by one of our readers, Alison, near a rubbish bin in Dubai. Photo by Alison for The National
This injured cat was found by one of our readers, Alison, near a rubbish bin in Dubai. Photo by Alison for The National

A few days ago, I was walking my dog and 23-month-old twin girls with my nanny, when we came across a stray black cat near a dumpster. It appeared to be half dead.

My hands being full with dog and toddlers in tow, I was unable to do much. I got them home quickly, then shot back out in my car to investigate further. I found this kitten (about eight months old) lying there with severe wounds all over his body. I gently lifted him up and put him in the box in my car.

I wasn’t quite sure what to do. The next morning I contacted a charity called 38 Smiles. They asked me to drop the cat at one of the vets they use (Petzone on Sheikh Zayed Road).

The vet was confused by his condition. She reckoned that the wounds were caused by humans attacking the cat – possibly with acid. Out of all the charities I tried to contact, 38 Smiles was the only one to help. The cat is recovering well and even eating. So I am delighted.

We have people walking the street who do this to animals, and I’m sure if they’re capable of doing this to a cat, they’re capable of hurting a human in much the same way.

Alison, Dubai

I want to thank Rym Ghazal for highlighting the plight of animals in summer in her opinion article I hate the summer ... and not because the weather is so hot (May 29). I am part of an animal welfare group.

I can only imagine what summer means to those souls when I feed 40 of my colony cats that need 20 litres of water on a daily basis.

There are two other issues that animal lovers in Dubai, including me, are worried about. One relates to the pest-control companies.

We, at an animal welfare group, have observed many times that even neutered and street cats that are well taken care of are taken away by these companies. The cats are killed or dumped in the desert, which is even more cruel. Are these companies authorised to kill animals?

The second issue is that the big metal rubbish containers that are open all the time in Jumeirah, and possibly in other parts of the city, are being replaced by the smaller ones with lids. This means that many kitties are losing their food source. We need to raise awareness about these issues.

Katja, Dubai

Image of premiers speaks volumes

The photographer who clicked the picture of the two prime ministers – Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi – that was carried in the opinion section of The National on May 29, deserves compliment.

The image speaks volumes. The expression on the faces of these leaders, the tight grip of the palms and the body language – all indicate that good times are ahead. Both had to face fierce opposition in their respective countries to make this meeting possible. I hope a new era of peace and cooperation has begun.

CS Pathak, India

US lost its sheen during Obama era

During Barack Obama’s disastrous presidency, marked by indecision and a congress that refused to support his administration, the United States has continued the downward trajectory initiated by the ineptitude of George W Bush.

It is now clear that American dominance in world affairs is slowly but surely giving way to that of China, which will be the super-power in the final two-thirds of this century.

That scenario, which will forever change the balance of global power, is the direct result of nearly two decades of political and military incompetency by two US presidents – one inherently weak and the other fatally weakened by a Congress that was more interested in its own enrichment and advancement than that of the country it was elected to represent. And that can be laid directly at the door of a system that has allowed democratic government to be corrupted by the undue influence of political lobbies, especially those acting in the interests of foreign powers.

Anthony Bellchambers, UK

Picture conveys age-old emotion

The picture by Delores Johnson in the Weekend section (May 30), showing a father’s pride and son’s respect, is amazing. It beautifully reflects the age-old emotions of a close relationship, which transcend geographical boundaries. I Thank you for sharing it.

Nirmal Khanna, Abu Dhabi

India’s shame over women

Shame on Indians for mistreating women, which led to this barbaric and horrific crime (Indian policemen fired for failing to act in rape case, May 31).

The victims are from the “low caste”? Incredible India still has the ancient inequality in its society. Is it a democratic country? I doubt it.

J Lee, Dubai

Published: May 31, 2014 04:00 AM


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