Will bad driving behaviour ever change?

Readers urge drivers to be more cautious. Other topics: Idex, Pakistan cricket, Dubai golf course

Readers call on drivers to mend their dangerous driving habits. Chris Clor / Blend Images
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I refer to the story More than 1,100 road accidents in Dubai over the weekend (February 20). The biggest problem is that when you indicate to change lanes into a space, the driver behind will accelerate to close the space for no reason. So people end up not indicating, because the element of surprise is the only way you get to move over.

James De Vile, Abu Dhabi

Stop using mobile phones while driving. I see more and more of this every day, looking at Facebook and texting as soon as they stop at the signals and then carry on as they drive.

I often wonder what is so important that it can’t wait until they have reached their destination.

Kay Lancaster, Duabai

Taxi and bus drivers have a huge responsibility to keep their passengers safe, not the opposite.

Name withheld by request

Are we prepared for bio warfare?

I am writing in reference to the news report Idex 2017: Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid and Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed open Idex in the capital (February 20).

We are spending billions of dollars on conventional weapons to deal with conventional warfare. According to Bill Gates, money should be spent in combating terrorists using pathogens as bioweapons.

How could it be prevented and what are the contingency measures? Are we equipped to deal with bio weapons?

Name withheld by request

Commendable move on cricket

The decision to play the Pakistan Super League final in Lahore is brave, audacious and, of course, commendable. It comes on the heels of a spate of terrorist attacks across the country. The decision sends out a strong message to those outfits that are bent on sabotaging Pakistan’s image. It indicates that Pakistan as a nation will not be deterred by a handful of maniacs.

Having said this, the onus lies on the federal and local governments, as well as Paksitan’s military, to ensure safety and security for foreign players.

This event – which will not only be attended by international delegates, but also watched all over the world – will be a litmus test for Pakistan’s security agencies. This is an opportunity to project Pakistan as a country that is able to keep terrorism at bay.

Moreover, if Pakistan can host this event without any incident it would pave the way for the return of international cricket to the country. Pakistanis deserve this.

Terrorism has already dealt a major blow to Pakistani cricket. This situation cannot continue for ever.

Bilal Farooq, Abu Dhabi

Trump sons’ visit is great news

Congratulations to Damac and Trump International for completing a successful project (Trump's sons in Dubai to open Trump International Golf Club, February 19).

Build it and they will come. Dubai is home to world-class golf courses and iconic buildings and this adds to the growing stock of championship courses. We look forward to Trump International and Damac Hills hosting world-class events.

In the words of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, we do business with a country, not individuals. Also, we must separate business from politics.

So Damac rightly has a contract with Trump International, which is a separate entity that has nothing to do with the politics of president Donald Trump.

It’s this kind of attitude that places Dubai and the UAE ahead of the rest in this region. Dubai was built on partnerships with world-class entities and this is another testament to economic diversification.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai