Why moral education is important

Reader applaud the decision to introduce moral education lessons in school. Other topics: animal protection law, drones, Abu Dhabi Corniche

Moral education will teach students to be respectful to others, readers say. Jaime Puebla / The National
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Moral education is very important (UAE's moral education curriculum will 'encourage pupils to be more respectful', October 29).

This will help children to be respectful to elders. Unfortunately they seldom learn it at home these days.

This is where moral education plays its role.

Deepa Uppal, Dubai

Enforce law to protect animals

It is irrelevant to the article, UAE Portrait of a Nation: Campaigning dog lover really walks the walkies (October 29), that animals are mistreated all over the world. And it skims over the norm here that dogs are “dirty”. Being politically correct is one thing and denying the truth is another.

A strong law already exists here; what is missing is meaningful enforcement.

Phil Grange, Abu Dhabi

Falcons put to great use

Birds of prey have been used successfully to take down drones in airport areas (Dubai and Sharjah airports closed due to drone, October 30).

With the great number of falconers in the country, this seems like a viable way to keep these things from happening.

D Glass, Dubai

It was the most annoying flight experience ever. We were supposed to leave Dubai for Riyadh at 7.15pm. But our flight was delayed by more than an hour because of the drone issue.

At no point was there an announcement in English explaining the real cause for the delay.

Also, they could have let us get off the plane and return to the terminal instead of making us wait inside the aircraft for nearly an hour. Worse still, the air conditioner in the aircraft was blowing warm air. Name withheld by request

Open access to the sea

Regarding your story Neighbourhood guide: The Corniche (October 28), I sincerely wish they would open access to the sea like Jumeirah.

The Corniche has no open sea, which defeats the purpose of a seaside walk.

There is neither any sound of waves nor are there sandy stretches to walk casually.

Rashed Mohammad Hasan, Abu Dhabi

The best thing about Abu Dhabi’s beachfront strip is the serenity that it offers amidst the bustling city and the fact that it is one of the most popular spots with families.

Name withheld by request