We need to find a way to end littering

Readers call for end to littering. Other topics: pet shop, fog, scam

Regarding the story Warning to desert campers over harm caused to animals by left litter (January 4), it's not just the people camping. I noticed a big issue around many camel farms as well, with lots of rubbish there, even though the people there are taking care of the camels. Education is key – perhaps something the owners should address with their workers.

In addition to this, take a look at construction sites: loads of rubbish there as well. Construction companies should take responsibility and either have it cleaned up or educate their workers not to litter.

Wieneke Bras, Dubai

It’s time the municipality started issuing fines for littering. The amount of rubbish found in the desert and on our beaches is appalling. There is a real litterbug problem here and it’s time someone started doing something about it. It doesn’t reflect well on the country.

Carla Botha, Abu Dhabi

We live next to a park where the litter left behind each evening is horrendous. That happens despite numerous bins being nearby. I can’t see the desert situation improving until there’s a cultural change. It seems as if many people think someone else will clear up for them.

Elisa Beamson, Dubai

I don’t understand the attraction of having a barbecue at the side of a major motorway. Surely there are far more attractive places to go. Yet there are dozens and dozens every night and people leave their rubbish everywhere.

No one here seems to take responsibility for their actions. Until fine notices are enforced, it won’t change. People need to be hit in the pocket.

Simon Buckerfield, Ras Al Khaimah

It isn’t just campers, it is the people who picnic on the side of the road or those who throw their trash out the window. Ignorance is a destructive force.

Andrew Turner, Dubai

It is disgusting. I see families with their children there. What values are these parents leaving behind for their kids? Why is it so difficult to just pick up your own rubbish?

It happens every weekend in winter and after a long weekend it’s even worse. It stretches all the way from Ajman to Ras Al Khaimah.

Rachel Thong, Dubai

Don’t blame the fog for mishaps

An increase in accidents is common on foggy days (Accidents around UAE with visibility down to 10 metres, January 3). But then, I would say that more than the weather, it's drivers' carelessness and impatience that cause these accidents. It's a matter of common sense that one will need to slow down and be extra careful in such weather.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Scam raised many red flags

I refer to the story Cabin crew conned in Dubai forex scheme hire private investigators in bid to claim back millions (November 8, 2016). The idea that you can double your money so quickly and easily is a huge red flag. If this worked then everyone would do it and know all about it. They did specifically target the aviation industry, which is a smart scam. It created a word-of-mouth buzz and people probably felt safer as they were seeing others benefit or thinking all these people can't be wrong. Everyone has the chance to invest in many things, but always be wary of too good to be true.

Next time invest in National Bonds and you can win a million dirhams.

Moreover, your investment is safe – at least until you find a better investment opportunity.

Name withheld by request

Shut down all pet shops

It’s hard to change some Shut down all pet shops

It's nice to see the country taking action against pet shops (Dubai pet shops closed down after spate of puppy deaths, January 4). All of them need to be shut down.

Diendra Andreini, Abu Dhabi

It’s good that the authorities have closed two pet shops in Dubai accused of selling puppies with deadly infections. Sadly, though, many other pet shops sell unhealthy animals. And a certain pet market is notorious for this. Those pets that are brought into Dubai pose a health risk for children.

Daniella How, Dubai

It’s hard to change some people’s core values once they are raised on bad ones.

Moustafa Sagban, Dubai