Walk this way

The pleasures of perambulation are manifold – isn’t it time you enjoyed them too?

A Pakistani carpenter, Mohammed Idrees concludes his country wide walk, which started on National Day. Satish Kumar / The National
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Walking has always been a pleasurable pursuit, whether you live in an urban or rural environment.

Some people walk to explore or relive the past, like Mark Evans and his teammates who are retracing the steps of the Victorian explorer Richard Burton across the Empty Quarter, as he traversed the region. Others walk in the wilderness to indulge in moments of solitude, contemplate life and think through their problems.

Walking can also help people to strengthen their personal bond with the natural environment. Take Mohammed Malik, a Pakistani resident of Dubai, who recently walked across the entire country in 12 days covering 1,050 kilometres to express his love for the UAE and enjoy its natural beauty.

With the inviting weather this season offers, we should all take a cue from Mr Malik. So please, get outdoors and enjoy a brisk walk.