Trump’s action is not aimed at all Muslims

Readers debate Donald Trump's visa ban. Other topics: drinking water, fraud 'victim'

Readers debate the travel ban imposed by Donald Trump on some nationalities. Steve Dipaola / Reuters
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Donald Trump's executive order on immigration is neither disgraceful nor a "Muslim ban" (UAE airlines forced to turn passengers away following travel ban, January 30). There are more than 50 Muslim-majority countries and Mr Trump barred citizens of only seven of those countries.

He did not prohibit Muslims from the other countries or from the rest of the world where Muslims are in a minority. You may not like what Mr Trump did, but it is not a “Muslim ban”.

Name withheld by request

As a US citizen, I must note that Donald Trump’s action is unconstitutional and against the terms of the Geneva Conventions. He did not win the popular vote. Most Americans are resisting him.

Michelle Arthington, Dubai

I guess people were warned about such a move. Passengers who ignored this warning are having to pay the price.

Bhavin Surti, Dubai

Tap water is not reliable

In reference to your story Water week: why we buy it bottled when it drops from the sky for free (January 29), people make uneducated choices when buying water and never read labels. There are big differences between various brands, let alone between tap and bottled water. You can't talk about bottled water as if they were all Al Ain, Arwa or Aquafina. There are tens of kinds of mountain and spring waters naturally low in sodium and total dissolved solids. And the composition modifies the taste significantly.

I drink rivers of water if it’s one of the brands I like, but give me another brand of water and I will struggle to finish a single bottle in a day.

Gianmaria Vidale, Dubai

The reason I rely on bottled water is because I can’t trust the tap water and there is no way to test it easily. If I had trusted the tap water, I would have been the first to use it for drinking.

Frederic Beaugrand, Dubai

Why we buy bottled water is because the apartments, town houses and villas we rent have substandard piping and water tanks.

We prefer not to leave this beautiful country with terminal illness and poisoning.

Michael Grantham, Al Ain

Tap water may not be the cause of hair loss and dry skin (The many myths of the UAE's tap water, January 30), but the treatment and storage methods may not be perfect, which is why consumption of tap water can cause some long-term effects.

Alexander Salt, Uganda

Jailing ‘fraud victim’ is unwise

Jailing an elderly woman for naivety or foolishness makes little sense (Woman, 60, jailed in UAE 'is the real fraud victim', January 29).

While I can understand that the Syrian businessman wants justice and his money, he will get neither from this situation.

We have seen time and again that the magnanimity and wisdom of the leaders of this country prevails and pardons are issued. God willing, this will be the case for this poor woman.

Name withheld by request

This is a tragic incident. However, I hardly feel sorry for the woman who gave out her bank account details to a “friend”. This is foolishness.

Name withheld by request

Always make an informed choice

The article Savings plan hard sell leaves UAE couple regretting they took the bait (January 21) is the kind of negative story that makes life difficult for the legitimate companies that actually educate and help people save.

Again, nothing replaces due diligence. Never agree to anything that a sales representative is pushing hard.

I am very sorry for the victim. I wish I could say I never made a mistake, but I have learnt the hard way. Good luck.

David W Blandford, Al Ain

How about naming the investment company so others are informed?

James Justice, Abu Dhabi