The survey says: resolutions update

We ask TaskSpotting users about progress on their New Year resolutions

Just over a month into 2017, many people are re-examining the resolutions they made at the end of last year. Were they pledges made in haste that were quickly abandoned, or are some of us diligently sticking to our guns in an attempt to live healthier, wealthier and happier lives?

For our weekly survey, we asked Task Spotting users about the progress of their New Year’s resolutions.

TaskSpotting describes itself as the region’s only advocate marketing platform and pitches our questions to its app community who typically engage with brands to create content, spread awareness and share feedback.

The idea was to compare the results with a survey we conducted over the New Year period, when 70 per cent of respondents said they had thought about making a resolution, 55 per cent said they thought resolutions worked and 38 per cent said they had kept a resolution for a year.

This time around, two-thirds of the 5,000 respondents said they had made a resolution, and about half of the respondents said they had stuck to it so far. About half of the respondents also said that they expected to stick to their resolution all year.