Road to safety

Decal campaign to reduce run-over deaths is a step in the right direction for our streets

Abu Dhabi Distribution Company 's safety decals on their fleet to encourage motorists to yield to pedestrians and reduce the number of run-over deaths and injuries. ADDC Photo
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The number of pedestrians who have been run over and killed on Abu Dhabi streets is remarkably high. Last year, 48 pedestrians were killed crossing the street, compared with 54 in 2014. To assist enforcement efforts and raise awareness about the dangers of speeding through road crossings, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company will put safety decal on 450 government vehicles.

This is a step in the right direction. All drivers must be aware of the safety of pedestrians using road crossings. Infrastructure projects to make Abu Dhabi walkable and inviting are already under way but they won’t change the need for better awareness of all drivers on the roads.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that pedestrians can walk around the city without fear of being hit by a car. Hopefully, this campaign will inspire other companies to follow suit in changing our perceptions of pedestrian safety.