Park adds to Sharjah’s charm

A reader is all praise for the newly-opened Rolla Square park in Sharjah. Sarah Dea / The National
A reader is all praise for the newly-opened Rolla Square park in Sharjah. Sarah Dea / The National

I found the report An oasis in the heart of Sharjah (December 4) very refreshing. The thoughtfully designed park and especially its entrance, is expected to boost the appeal of the entire area.

It is evident from public feedback that it has added a lot to people’s lives. The banyan tree that has been planted there will add to the natural landscape sought to be created by the project. This green space in the middle of a concrete jungle has to be a great delight.

Ramachandran Nair, Oman

Abu Dhabi Police have done an excellent job

Abu Dhabi authorities have done a wonderful job (Police hold woman for Reem mall stabbing, December 5). This is a very serious incident and steps must be taken to ensure it is not repeated. Those trying to create chaos in this peaceful country should not be spared.

Wali Mohammad, Abu Dhabi

What a fantastic job by Abu Dhabi Police. I admire the prompt action, which led to the arrest of the suspect within 48 hours.

Brigitte von Bulow, Abu Dhabi

The arrest of the murder suspect has brought relief. I congratulate Abu Dhabi Police on an excellent job.

Michelle Marie, Abu Dhabi

Vocational training a must

I am writing in reference to the article Unruly pupils delighted to be hammered into better behaviour (December 5). MinecraftEDU is used in schools in the UK to engage such students. There are all kinds of learners in the world. To make sure no student is left out, teachers should incorporate a variety of learning styles into lessons and/or schools should have hands-on classes.

In junior school, my nephew and niece did woodwork, cooking and technical studies. Some of the things they made were amazing. These are the innovators of the future. Subjects like this help them grow exponentially. So if 2015 is the year of innovation, let’s give these young minds a chance to show what they are made of.

Name withheld by request

Yaqoob Alhammadi should start training other teachers on how to handle the new generation.

Farhana Hassan, Sharjah

Think before you litter

As I was walking along the Corniche last week, I was thinking of those who had to do the cleaning up after National Day (Unsung heroes of National Day, December 5). They were everywhere, picking up rubbish. There was a lot of it.

Christina Murphy, Abu Dhabi

People need to be more considerate and keep things clean after a grand celebration.

Moustafa Sagban, Dubai

Service centre spoilt my car

With reference to the article Don’t drive a moving bomb (December 5), I had a BMW M5, which was perfect until a BMW service centre got their hands on it.

They ruined it – everything from the gear box and suspension to the engine. Finally, I had to sell the car.

John Paravalos, Dubai

Create more space for maids

Regarding the report Developers in UAE marketing storage space as maids quarters (December 5), if people vote with their feet and don’t rent or buy apartments with such small rooms, developers would stop building them.

Sadly, those who are quite comfortable subjecting a member of their staff to such terrible conditions will just keep on contributing to the problem.

P Maxine Banks, Dubai

Some of the rooms in these apartments are so big. Surely they could have borrowed a bit of space to create a habitable room for a maid.

Ghawiya Umm-Julia, Dubai

Published: December 6, 2014 04:00 AM


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