Parents pay a high price for last-minute school closure

Readers discuss the closure of an Abu Dhabi school just before students were due to return. Other topics: gun safety, tolerant values, economy class fight and F1 entertainment.

Families face uncertainty over 21st Century Private Academy’s closure. Fatima Al Marzooqi / The National
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As parents whose children are enrolled at 21st Century Private Academy, we find ourselves in a very frustrating and confusing position a few days before the new school year is due to start (Abu Dhabi school switch parents fear for fees, August 27).

Your article suggests parents should contact the police to seek to recover thousands in dirhams in fees they have paid.

We are lost. I’ve been trying to call the school many times, and as usual there has been no answer at all. We are waiting for the school to communicate with us, or at least send an SMS about any developments.

Theresa Maria Cecilia, Abu Dhabi

We had confirmation three weeks ago – in the form of a surprise SMS – that 21st Century Private Academy has been closed.

The parents have been waiting for the confirmation about new administrators and the new name for the school. Until then we are waiting and can’t decide on back-to-school preparations such as supplies and bags for our children.

There was at least a little relief today with this news that they finally confirmed in writing that we still have our reserved slots and our children will actually have a school to attend next week.

Mj Uy, Abu Dhabi

UAE is a haven from US gun crime

With regard to your news story, US reporter and cameraman shot dead during live broadcast (August 27), this kind of incident explains why I feel much safer living in the UAE than the US.

It was so sad to read how these young people’s lives were cut short. I’ve seen Alison Parker broadcast when she worked in North Carolina. She was a real sweetheart.

Christine Hinz, Abu Dhabi

I’m from North Carolina and I remember Alison Parker well. This is a tragic case.

Some people in the United States are concerned for my safety here in the UAE, but I believe it’s their own safety they should be worried about.

Charles Bumgardner, Dubai

This does not reflect a gun problem – it could just as easily have been a stabbing. To my mind, the real problem is a serious lack of mental health services in the US.

One in every two people in Switzerland has a firearm but are guns a problem there? No. This lunatic would have killed someone with or without a gun in his hand.

Katie Larkins, Abu Dhabi

This is what happens when a country seems to value guns more highly than human life.

I don’t know of any other country where you can buy a steak, a television and a gun in the same shop.

Selina Adejoke Dixon, Dubai

Tolerance is the solution to war

In relation to your editorial in which you praise the general populace for quickly denouncing a series of anti-Hindu tweets (United against divisive ideas, August 27), I believe it is important to show peace is more important than anything else.

That involves putting a priority on respect and tolerance. It shows an emphasis on happiness in a world of war and conflict.

Asyah Elisabeth Mel, Abu Dhabi

Fight on flight is a serious matter

In relation to your story, Emirates passenger says he was assaulted on flight from Beirut to Dubai (August 27), this case should not have been closed.

There are likely to have been cameras on board and the airline has the passengers’ names and where they were sitting.

They should identify this man and put his name on a list to be arrested to face the court should he ever come back to or fly through the UAE.

Brian Denehan, Dubai

There’s obviously no need for physical violence but seriously, who reclines their seat before take-off?

Euan Megson, Dubai

This is a very strange story and the man involved sounds mentally unstable.

He should be stopped before he does serious harm to someone else.

Name withheld by request

Fleetwood Mac a better choice

Fleetwood Mac would be a better choice for the concert after this year's Formula One (Blur to headline Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2015, August 26).

They’re an amazing live band and they are due to finish their tour of Australia and New Zealand on November 22, which would make it feasible to do a final gig in Abu Dhabi.

Lars Lind, Dubai

Is the entertainment chosen by someone hitting shuffle on their iPod and booking the first three random acts that play?

Paul Kerr, Abu Dhabi