Let’s develop a thirst for reading

A reader calls for inculcating a habit of reading in children. Other topics: petrol price, maids, snow spa, ageing

A reader calls for inculcating a habit of reading. Sarah Dea / The National
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I refer to the story Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid launches child reading challenge with Dh11m in rewards (September 17).

I wonder whether this is the best way to encourage children to read. Will these children read for deep meaning, or will they opt for a surface reading strategy? Will they continue to read after the financial rewards are no longer there?

The motivation for reading should be intrinsic, a thirst for knowledge, not extrinsic, hoping for a cash handout.

Richard Avery, Abu Dhabi

I love reading because it opens the doors to a new world. It keeps me alive and I get new perspectives on various things.

Violeta Reichmuth, Dubai

Happy to know petrol prices will drop

I was happy to know that petrol prices will next month drop to almost the same level they were before the fuel market was liberalised (Petrol prices drop again next month, September 29). A marginal increase in the price of petrol makes a lot of difference for people like me who have to live on a tight budget.

My job involves extensive travelling and my travelling expenses are not reimbursed by my company. So I was quite disappointed when I first heard about the rise in petrol prices.

Name withheld by request

Clueless about rules on maids

Recently I had been to the Nepalese embassy to confirm if Nepal has lifted its year-long travel ban imposed on housemaids and reduced the age at which women can be employed (Nepal ends ban on housemaids working in the UAE, September 24).

To my surprise, nobody at the embassy seemed to be aware of the move.

The employees looked blank even after I showed them this article. It’s very frustrating.

Name withheld by request

Is price worth the experience?

I can't believe that you have to spend Dh400,000 to convert a room into a "snow sauna" (Snow room is the hot new thing in UAE, September 28). With that kind of money you can go to all the countries around the world that experience snow. But it's nice to have snow in the room.

Mohd Nawas, Abu Dhabi

I love the idea. Only if I could afford it and if I had a spare room.

Angela P, Abu Dhabi

What about the cost of electricity and water? Does it align with the constant calls to consume wisely?

Wissam Halawani, Dubai

The article says that snow in a cubic-metre insulated box costs Dh2,400.

The price seems exorbitant, especially because it’s just water flakes.

Anna Mayer Rothschild, UK

Let’s accept the inevitable

We must live life to the fullest, whether we are young or old (I'm dyeing with shame after a trip to the hairdressers, September 27).

We enjoyed when we were young. We should enjoy equally as we grow old. The more we think about our age, the more frustrated we will be.

Let’s accept what’s inevitable and move on.

Tahina Abdool Latiff, Abu Dhabi

It is inevitable, but I’m still a little annoyed that my hair is 95 per cent brown but my stubble went grey ages ago. I was always proud of my stubble.

Giles Heaton, Dubai