Let’s consider the benefits of cloud seeding

A reader highlights the benefits of cloud seeding. Other topics: bullies, UAE, Panama leaks, technology

A reader underscores the merits of cloud seeding. Courtesy National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology
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Like all scientific experiments, it takes time and patience to achieve the desired results (Cloud seeding over UAE ‘played a part in record March rainfall’, April 9). The flooding and consequent damage to property are a small price to pay for advancement. What if we could develop this technology to alleviate drought in parts of Africa, which holds 60 per cent of the world’s arable land?

Food security is one of the priorities, not just for the Middle East but for the entire world. At a time when the UAE needs to diversify from hydrocarbons, it’s these types of initiatives that could help.

I’ve always advocated that we need to transform into a knowledge economy and the export of technology could contribute significantly to the Global Poverty Project. Let’s not be selfish and only see the negatives, but support the positives.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Cloud-seeding technology presents wonderful opportunities for this country, but it also played a part in the catastrophic flooding in many areas of Dubai, including my area. Dubai’s infrastructure is not built to cope with seeded rain. Please leave nature alone or completely rebuild drainage systems first.

Phil Jones, Dubai

Bullies may have emotional issues

In reference to Fatima Al Shamsi's opinion article, We all have a role to play in stopping school bullies (April 1), bullies themselves sometimes suffer from emotional problems – often because of the lack of affection from parents or family problems. Every school should have child psychologists who keep an eye on children's behaviour.

Marlice Brits, Dubai

What makes the UAE so special

The Homeland Protectors card not only takes care of the needs of the martyrs' families, but it's a great honour to receive the card that helps families of martyrs to form a close-knit community (Housing loans gift for families of fallen UAE heroes, March 31). It's these initiatives that make this country so special.

Name withheld by request

Sorry state of affairs in India

The prime minister of Iceland had to resign his post in a couple of days after the Panama leaks (World figures deny wrongdoing as Panama Papers turn spotlight on tax evasion, April 5). Compare this to countries such as India, China and Pakistan, all of which have decided to launch investigations into their citizens who figure in the list.

It is well-known that such investigations seldom lead anywhere in these countries. Once the heat is gone out of this issue, everyone will be silent.

Meanwhile, all those named from these countries have denied any wrongdoing. The Indian media is particularly silent on Indians involved in the scandal. It shows how the society works in this part of the world and how helpless the common people are in the so-called largest democracy in the world.

Name withheld by request

The elimination of global poverty becomes an even greater challenge when the rich ends up stashing away excess moolah at offshore destinations.

Big ostentatious gatherings at G8 summits, the pledges to the tune of millions and copious dinners and photo shoots are testimony to the lies that come from these statesmen.

These monies are indirectly coming from the pockets of common people by way of taxation.

Tax havens should not be reformed, they should be outlawed.

KB Rahiman, South Africa

Technology can’t solve this

Noisy cars should not be our immediate concern (Abu Dhabi roadside sensors to detect cars that make too much noise, April 6). The priority is to make our roads safer by compelling drivers to comply with traffic rules.

This objective can be achieved easily by enforcing traffic rules.

The capability of technology is limited to detecting errors and offences.

Taking steps on the basis of these findings is our job. Unless motorists are taken to task randomly for violating rules, there is little hope that we shall be able to achieve anything worthwhile.

Michael Baldwin, Dubai