Just phoning it in?

Comedian Kevin Hart’s pared-back set raises issues about quality of some A-list stars’ gigs

Kevin Hart in Abu Dhabi. Courtesy Flash Entertainment
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One major improvement in quality of life in the past decade has been high calibre of performers now doing gigs here. The only downside to the A-list stars who regularly appear is a sneaking suspicion that perhaps we are not getting the same performance as audiences in New York or London.

Superstar comedian Kevin Hart's performance at the Du Arena in Abu Dhabi on Friday is a case in point. As we reported yesterday, those who watched videos of earlier performances were disappointed that the impressive production values and elaborate set used elsewhere were missing. Partly this is economics, with most shows here being one-offs compared to several nights overseas, making it less viable to set up elaborate stages.

Although Hart’s performance was unimpeachable, other stars have done shorter concerts here than in other locations. Are they phoning it in, rather than treating fans here to the same quality of performance? We’d love to hear your views.