It’s time to reflect on self and the world

Ramadan is a time for reflection on our broader surroundings, a reader says. Other topics: du advert, shisha, dogs

Ramadan is a time to reflect on our broader surroundings, a reader says. Antonie Robertson / The National
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As we come closer to the end of Ramadan, we need to recognise what a difficult year it has been for many Muslims worldwide.

In China, Somalia, Libya, Myanmar, Egypt, Iraq and Syria, they are either dealing with being torn apart by civil war or surges of sectarian violence.

Afghanistan, one of the world’s poorest Muslim countries, is teetering on the edge. Many people are demanding political and socioeconomic change throughout the region.

In the wake of these challenges, Muslims seek and find strength in Ramadan.

Over the course of 30 days, from sunrise to sunset, we refrain from food and drink and refocus on strengthening our faith. It is a time of renewal, but also of reflection on the self and our broader surroundings.

Ramadan is also a time to share our religious and cultural heritage with people of other faiths.

It is a month of intense spiritual training, patience and charity, but it is also a time of solidarity, shared with those who are suffering from oppression, injustice, exploitation and poverty around the globe.

During this month, people around the world can remember and stand in solidarity with the oppressed.

Let us all spare a thought for those who are facing political, social, economic, racial and ethnic injustice around the world.

Samaoen Osman, South Africa

Wasn’t the du ad relevant?

I thought the du ad on cinema behaviour was very good (FNC question regulators about 'indecent' du advert pulled from cinema, June 7).

People need to be reminded what constitutes good behaviour in the cinema.

I recently sat watching a film when a man arrived– half an hour after the film started– sat three rows in front of me, made three phone calls on his mobile and left. Astonishing.

Debbie Weeks, Abu Dhabi

Do everything in moderation

Do everything in moderation, I would say (Shisha smokers run risk of 'hookah sickness', June 8). I've smoked shisha probably 10, or perhaps 15 times in my life and it's always been jolly nice, but I wouldn't want to make a regular habit of it.

A few times a year is enjoyable and it can’t do any serious harm.

Ben Adamson, Dubai

Sad to see dogs in cages

It breaks my heart whenever I see a dog or any animals in a cage and chains (Five dogs die and seven critically ill in suspected poisoning in Abu Dhabi, June 9).

They deserve to be loved and live freely just as we like to be.

Liezl Dungog Aliganga, Abu Dhabi