It’s all about care

The gesture of an Etihad pilot underscores the essence of good customer service

A pilot of an Abu-Dhabi bound Etihad Airways flight made a last minute U-turn on the runway at Manchester Airport to enable an elderly couple to get to their dying grandson’s bedside. Courtesy Etihad Airways
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What comes to your mind when you think about the airline industry? Do you have confidence that you will have a pleasant experience when you fly or that you will be able to express any concerns you may have and have your voice heard? Unfortunately, many carriers still fail to meet the standards their consumers expect.

In contrast, consider an incident last month, when the pilot of an Abu Dhabi-bound Etihad Airways flight made a U-turn while taxiing at Manchester airport and returned to the departure terminal to enable an elderly couple to disembark and make their way to their dying grandson’s hospital bedside.

The pilot made the decision soon after the couple received a text message about their young relative’s declining condition. Their grandson died later that day. This heart-warming story has been described as “very unusual” by one seasoned travel agent. It was more than that – it was an act of genuine compassion.