Feeling fidgety?

Little bits of plastic and metal are part of a youth craze that, if you blink, you might miss

Even in our social media-infused digital age, children and young people can still go crazy for physical toys. The latest such craze are little spinning wheels called fidget spinners, originally developed as a way to relieve stress in children who suffer from ADHA. You hold the centre of the device between your thumb and index finger and spin a small device that is weighted down with ball bearings.

There is not much more to fidget spinners than this simple act but children (and some adults) find the spinning to be strangely relaxing. While they might be popular now, such crazes have little lasting effect as they come and go faster than you can say clackers. As we tend to harp on about our digital future, it is refreshing to see young people getting excited about plainer pastimes. Perhaps in the future, this type of excitement will be reserved only for the latest smartphone application. At least for now, that is not the case – and we should be thankful about that.