Who’s at fault when a gold steak dinner sets you back by Dh11,017?

Our readers have their say on a dispute at a restaurant, a parking problem, the air in Australia, and who should pay for the security detail for a royal couple moving to Canada

The golden steak is one of Salt Bae’s signature dishes and sells for Dh1,250. Instagram / @nusr_et    
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With reference to Sophie Prideaux's article Police called to Salt Bae's Nusr-Et restaurant in dispute over $3,000 golden steak bill (January 14): if you go to expensive restaurants, you are rich. It is shameful if you refuse to pay for what you've eaten.

Abdul Kadir Sholi, Dubai

My son and I shared a mustard encrusted tomahawk in Abu Dhabi during the Grand Prix weekend. We loved it. Expensive, but worth it at least once. In my opinion, the person taking the order should have verified with the person paying before submitting the order.

David W Blandford, Al Ain

If this is true, then the restaurant is getting bad press. Soon everyone will record themselves ordering so they have proof later if it comes to a dispute. I’ve never had the desire to eat metal but each to their own, I guess.

Alison Coles, Dubai

No planet B: the air in Australia is worsening due to the bushfires

With reference to Giovanni Torre's report Australian bushfires: Palestinian distributes masks so fire fighters can breathe (January 12): Melbourne has just recorded the worst air quality in the world.

The city has previously been listed as the ‘most liveable city in the world’. This decline in air quality is a consequence of the fires in Eastern Victoria. There is reduced visibility and people find breathing harder but for asthmatics it can be dangerous. The question remains: what can we do to prevent this from happening again? This issue is not limited to Melbourne. In many cities around the world breathing is a health risk.

There are spokespeople who are saying this is not the time to discuss this but when will it be the time? We need to find a way to stop and hopefully repair the damage.

This should start with looking at climate change and pollution.

There is no planet B.

Dennis Fitzgerald, Melbourne

Abandoned cars need to be cleared off the streets so people can park

Regarding Patrick Ryan's report Dubai steps up measures against abandoned cars (January 14): people have parked cars and mini buses near the Satwa roundabout and are using them as stores – a nuisance for residents finding a parking spot.

Mushtaq Hussain, Dubai

Why should Canada pay for the security of the Sussexes?

Regarding Claire Corkery's article Prince Harry and Meghan: Canada would welcome Sussexes, says PM (January 14): Who will foot the royals' security bill? Hopefully it's not the Canadian people. It's on the Queen's dime, in my books.

Stan Clarkson, Ontario