Wearing masks is no reason to litter

Our readers have their say on personal responsibility, keeping cities clean, children of medics, carbon emissions and respecting rules

Student in protective face mask arrives at the Al-Mizhar American Academy as the government re-opens schools after months in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic in Dubai, UAE, Sunday, Aug. 30, 2020. (Photos by Shruti Jain - The National)
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In regards to the article Coronavirus: Abu Dhabi motorists face Dh1,000 fine for dumping masks and gloves (June 6): the UAE takes great measures to keep the city clean by having the roads swept regularly. However, the public needs to be more mindful on the issue of littering.

Some people in the city seem to feel no shame in disposing face masks and gloves on the streets instead of using the bins. Further, discarding masks in water bodies is a risk to marine life.

We must instruct people to be more conscientious in their actions. They need to rely on themselves, not others, to fight not just the pandemic, but also pollution. Together we can roll out an improvement.

Delaine Ferns, Abu Dhabi

Children of medics with lower-paying jobs should be prioritised

With reference to your report Coronavirus: More than 1,800 children of medics get fee waiver in UAE public schools (Sept 16): nice gesture. The selection of the 1800 'eligibles', however, may create issues. Perhaps those frontline heroes who earn the least should be rewarded first.

Anne Poulton Van Binsbergen-Hope, Cape Town, South Africa

This is an exemplary act and demonstrates the right spirit.

Shabbir Jariwala, Pune, India

Will carbon emissions remain low when going to office resumes?

With reference to Jennifer Gnana's report Dubai reduced carbon emissions by 22% in 2019 (September 15): this is truly a great start. It's been better for the environment that people stopped going to the office and started working from home.

Angelo Turetta, Dubai

Friendship with Israel is the way to go

Regarding Hayley Skirka's report Etihad 'welcomes opportunity' for future flights between UAE and Israel (September 15): friendship is the way to go. The UAE will always be remembered in history as one of the pioneering Arab nations to have extended this hand of friendship.

Anwar Hasan, Karachi, Pakistan

The rules of social gathering must be respected

Regarding Salam Al Amir's report Dubai police arrest DJ and two others for organising party (September 14): well done, Dubai police. These law-breaking people just cannot understand rules. It is time that they are put on a curfew. It is because of people like these that others are paying the price. Older people, I think, are showing more respect for the rules.

Evon Rawlings, Ajman

Unbelievable. People put fun ahead of the community's well-being. Good job by the police.

Iffat Malik, Dubai