The treatment of its women is a blot on India's reputation

Readers have their say on Trump, India, driving and China
epa06833340 An Indian woman pulls a container after filling up with water from a tanker in Sanjay camp in New Delhi, India, 23 June 2018. National Institution for Transforming India(NITI), a policy think tank of the Government of India has warned that New Delhi will run out of water within two years due to the climate change and population growth. NITI has also warned that Indian states are going to face water crisis by 2020, which includes Major cities like New Delhi and Bangalore. India's worst ever water crisis is expected to adversely impact around 600 million people.  EPA/RAJAT GUPTA

The Thompsons Reuters Foundation in its latest study has categorised India as the most hazardous country for women based on sexual violence, forced marriage, sexual slavery and forced labour. India has been grouped with countries like Sudan, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is really unfortunate.

A high number of women are literate, pursuing higher education, becoming doctors, engineers, ministers and governors in India. India has had a female prime minister and president.

Yet at the ground level, particularly in the villages, a sad state of affairs prevails. The high number of rapes also affects tourism to the country adversely.

According to a Brazilian media report, tourism dropped sharply in India after the gang rape of a girl in a moving bus in New Delhi a few  years ago. So we need higher levels of education, public consciousness and legal enforcements to ensure women are not ill-treated in India.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

The judiciary’s troubling endorsement of Trump

I refer to Charles Capel's article Donald Trump hails 'great victory' over travel ban ruling (June 26). The US Supreme Court's decision to uphold US President Donald Trump's prohibition on granting entry to the US for nations from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen (and some officials from North Korea and Venezuela is a deeply troubling development in US politics.

K Ragavan, Denver

O Canada! Your people are an inspiration to us all

Regarding your story Will new UAE social media laws improve the industry or price out young entrepreneurs (June 24), thank you for creating a news story that presented the positive, the hopeful and the inspirational.

The three individuals you profiled provided what I think is a picture much more representative of Canadian youth than some of the stories of murder, bullying and sexual assault which sometimes fill newspapers.

Thank you for providing this country with these examples of lives which are well-lived.

Bruce Northey, Canada

Camera gates in Abu Dhabi are already taking their toll

I refer to your article Abu Dhabi drivers hit with Dh500 fines – and even bans – as new toll gates spot expired registrations (June 25): to all those with any lingering doubts, after 16 black points and Dh2,800 in fines, I can confirm this is real.

Name withheld by request

China defies international law in South China Sea

In reference to your essay China corners unsuspecting rivals in South China Sea (June 21), China has no respect for international law and law of sea. It is using its might to encroach on the exclusive economic zones of Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei and other Asean countries.

Name withheld by request