The hate-filled ideology of Hezbollah must be stopped

Our readers have their say about Hezbollah, payday lending and dubbed content

Supporters of the Lebanese Shiite militant movement Hezbollah wave th group's flag during a commemoration marking the 13th anniversary of the end of the 2006 war with Israel in the southern Lebanese town of Bint Jbeil on August 16, 2019. Hezbollah displayed a video showing a sample of its naval missiles, which was used 13 years prior to target an Israeli warship off the Lebanese coast during the July 2006 conflict. / AFP / Mahmoud ZAYYAT
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I write to you in reference to your poignant editorial Hezbollah's vile influence spans the globe (August 21).

This piece on Hezbollah’s devious activities in South America was a true eye-opener.The terrorist group is fundraising its operations through illicit activities at the tri-border area where Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay meet.

This has helped its members spread their heinous ideology to the Americas.

Although they have gained influence there, this does not make Hezbollah’s extremist goals any more acceptable.

What’s more, the group claims to be fighting in the name of Islam and Muslims all around the world, but indulges in drug trafficking, money laundering , cigarette-smuggling and commits terrible attacks on innocents worldwide.When will this Lebanese group renounce violence?

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

We should not encourage payday lending

I write to you in response to Nada El Sawy's article FlexxPay allows employees to access salary in between pay cheques (August 20).

I believe that people who live pay cheque to pay cheque are exactly those who cannot afford this kind of scheme. The app charges fees and interest rates for users who ‘borrow’ against their future salaries.

Some regulators and government officials restrict payday lending and, in certain cases, the practice is outright banned as it can become a form of loan sharking.

These so-called innovations are irresponsible and prey upon the vulnerable.

A free community service group that teaches people how to manage their personal finances so that they don’t need these types of loans is required, not a product or service that costs them more of their hard earned dirhams - a superfluous expense that they cannot afford.

Any and all businesses that deal with peoples’ money should be tightly regulated and overseen by the UAE Central Bank and, in this case, the Al Etihad Credit Bureau.

When someone is borrowing against future earnings, it is important that the Credit Bureau is informed so that they do not get so far into debt that they are unable to meet their financial obligations. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

Elan Fabbri, Dubai

Dubbed series and movies are becoming a hit on Netflix

I write to you in reference to Chris Newbould's article Dubbed content is on the rise thanks to streaming services such as Netflix (August 20).

I recently watched a South American dubbed series on Netflix. It was really amazing! This is a great initiative.

Shaheen Hamadani, UAE