The desire for growth mustn’t come at the expense of safety

Our readers have their say on air travel, Sikkim and China

FILE PHOTO: An IndiGo Airlines Airbus A320 aircraft takes off in Colomiers near Toulouse, France, October 19, 2017. REUTERS/Regis Duvignau/File Photo
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I write in reference to your news story Passenger removed from Indian flight after trying to charge phone in cockpit (September 26). Your article also makes reference to a passenger trying to open the plane's rear exit door during a flight, presuming it to be the toilet entrance.

Both instances are highly worrying. Moreover, just a few days ago a Jet Air flight had to land prematurely when passengers began bleeding through their noses, due to cabin pressure issues.

The fact is that aviation passengers have increased rapidly in India and in many developing countries owing to the introduction of low fares and the liberalisation of the industry to foster private-sector growth. However this rise in plane travel needs to be matched with greater education of passengers and rigorous training of staff. In the desire to grow rapidly, many airlines may not be training their staff adequately. In the case of the Jet Airways flight, which had to return to Mumbai, the issue was identified as pilot error.

Air safety is a serious subject and it should not be treated cavalierly.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Congratulations to Sheikha Mozah on her Emirates flight

I refer to your delightful online video Watch: Sheikha Mozah flies Emirates plane to Italy (September 26), congratulations on a truly awesome achievement. I hope to have you as my pilot from New Zealand to the UAE one day when I visit my granddaughter. Your family must be very proud of you. The sky is the limit.

K Christiansen, New Zealand

China is not a nation that buckles under pressure

I refer to your article China's BRI is biggest international platform (September 28), which features a warning from Beijing that it will not crack

in a trade war with the US. Washington must know ­already that China is not a country to buckle under pressure of any kind. It has tremendous buoyancy, achieved through the intense hardships it has suffered.

From a low-skilled agricultural nation to a global superpower is a phenomenal transformation. An amicable solution is needed, for the US, China and the world.

Name withheld by request

With more travel options in India, no trip is impossible

I was delighted by the news that the Indian state of Sikkim has got its first airport, India’s 100th such facility. The fact that the country has constructed 100 airports is laudable. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his government are determined to connect India’s North Eastern region with the rest of the country and an airport in Sikkim, which borders Bhutan, is an excellent step. With the rapid advancement  of travel options at all price points, travellers are able to reach all four corners of India, with important economic and cultural implications.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru