Sheikh Zayed was a towering figure on the world stage

Readers discuss Sheikh Zayed, the Iran nuclear deal, mangoes and Sir Alex Ferguson

I refer to Peter Hellyer's thought-provoking op-ed Year of Zayed: remembering the vision of an innovative and inspirational leader (May 4): it was a very interesting read. The visionary founder of the UAE's long-term goal to create a world-class infrastructure for his people and bequeath them the best in education and health was truly admirable. Mr Hellyer description the warm welcome given to Sheikh Zayed by schools and other institutions in Europe was very evocative indeed. The op-ed did a marvellous job of conveying what an extraordinary person the Father of the UAE was. It is laudable that the present rulers of the UAE continue to advance the Founder's vision.

K Ragavan, Denver

A case of inspiring mangoes, thanks to the seasonal fruit

Mango days are here again. Mangoes bring moods and memories. As they say, a free mango is infinitely sweeter and more delicious than a purchased mango.

In my childhood we used to visit the company baagh, or garden, in Uttar Pradesh, India. The trees would be stooped down, laden with ripe and luscious mangoes. The gardeners would forbid us to pluck the mangoes. However, boys will be boys. We would always be looking for opportunities to fell some mangoes with small stones and devour the fallen fruit quickly.

In the 1960s we had no refrigerator so my mother cooled the mangoes by keeping them in a small bucket with ice.

As the prices of mangoes soared, my consumption declined. From eating two to three mangoes a day in the earlier years, I now make do with one solitary mango.

One of the reasons I loved living in Dubai was that mangoes were available throughout the year.  When Indian mangoes ran out, Egyptian mangoes arrived, then Pakistani, then Moroccan. In the UAE we always have mangoes from different countries, almost year-round. Mangoes are an absolute treat in any form, warm or chilled, juiced or pureed. I love them best when I freeze pieces in ice trays with some cream and have my own homemade rich and creamy mango ice cream.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Sir Alex Ferguson is one of football's true greats

In reference to your article Former Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson rushed to hospital following brain haemorrhage (May 5), I hope Sir Alex Ferguson gets well soon. Then he can come and sort out Fujairah. Diego Maradona couldn't quite manage to do it.

Justin Webb, Dubai

Trump's options on Iran nuclear deal are clear

I refer to Joyce Karam's article Iran nuclear deal: What are Trump's options as deadline looms closer (May 5): it was a good piece of writing. And having carefully read it, I believe option one  – namely, that Trump does not certify the deal but waits before imposing new sanctions – looks most likely.

Frank Johansen, Dubai

Veganism doesn't necessarily promote tolerance 

I refer to Selina Denham's article Why eating meat makes me feel like a hypocrite (May 5): I disagree. In my opinion today's vegans are more militant than ever.

Kate Bell, Dubai