Remote learning went a long way to plug gaps in my children's education

Children learn online via a computer screen at their home in Kuwait City, March 23. AFP
Children learn online via a computer screen at their home in Kuwait City, March 23. AFP

Taxi rides in Dubai are bound to become safer

With reference to Patrick Ryan's report Artificial intelligence to monitor behaviour of taxi drivers in Dubai (July 14): this is a very sensible move to keep the driver from being drowsy or distracted. It ensures safety of the passengers as well.

Noora A Kaabi, Abu Dhabi

A dream to be on an inaugural flight

With regard to Hayley Skirka's piece Wizz Air Abu Dhabi: What to see, eat and do in the six cities the low-cost airline will fly to (July 14): this is something to look forward to when October rolls around. Maybe one can start planning holidays. It would be great to be on the inaugural flight to any of these six destinations, whether to Yerevan or Odessa.

Anisur Rahman, Abu Dhabi

Governments need to rethink their stimulus packages

With reference to Sami Mahroum's op-ed What governments are missing in their Covid-19 stimulus packages (July 9): the author has wisely argued that unless there is technological advance in terms of internet, digitisation and credit cards utilisation, the impact of government incentives in developed countries may be limited. In developing countries in South Asia, like India, the issue of low consumer spending is exacerbated as citizens do not have unemployment benefits. They have nobody to turn to in distress.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Remote learning fixed gaps in children's learning

I write to you with reference to your editorial To pupils, parents and teachers: happy summer staycation (July 3): remote learning during these months has been an experience of a lifetime, or many lifetimes. As a mum of four kids ranging in ages from four to 14 years, the experience has been mostly positive.

In March, we began the initially planned two weeks of learning at home, only partially prepared, apprehensive and unsure. As the two weeks expanded to the longest final term of the school year, we found ways to balance work, study and play.

Lengthy school runs and bus rides in the stifling heat no longer sapped the children's energies. Packed schedules for extra curricular activities intended to enrich their skills no longer drained parents' finances or their time.

I was able to address gaps in my children's learning, such as basic math concepts, handwriting skills, grammatically correct sentence construction and spellings. Like other families self-isolating and social distancing, we rediscovered baking, cooking, growing our own fruits and veggies, drawing and painting.

The past four months have shown us another way forward. A strong internet infrastructure has allowed virtual voice and video calling to become a reality again in the UAE. If education can be pursued remotely then we should remain open to this option. Not only has it given each of us a deeper connection with our children, the flexibility will ultimately improve productivity and test scores.

Seemi Saify, Dubai

Published: July 16, 2020 07:25 AM


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