Police patrols couldn't have come sooner

Readers weigh in on road rule enforcement, the rent market, sunscreen and taxes.

The nation’s motorists will have to measure up to more stringent safety regulations. Jeffrey E Biteng / The National
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In reference to Nawal Ramahi's story on police patrols enforcing new national road rules (June 30), this is long overdue. Failing to make children wear seat belts or put them in car seats puts other motorists at risk too.
Vijay Ramburuth, Dubai

I can't wait to never again see another child standing between the driver's and passengers' seats. 
Jade Fitzgerald, Abu Dhabi

It is about time. Lets hope people realise this will save lives. I look forward to seeing more police on the road to enforce this.
Kay Lancaster, Dubai

This is long overdue, but the fine is not high enough. I hope there will be a community service education campaign so the public understands.
Christina Drake, Cape Town

Increased supply won't keep rents down

In reference to Lucy Barnard's story about residents bargain-hunting for houses due to increased supply (Abu Dhabi rental market is picking up activity, June 28), even such moves may prove futile. More often than not, landlords put the rents up again the year after the contract is signed knowing full well you will not want to move again. There should be a cap on how much they can increase rents.
Name withheld on request

Sunscreen will always be a must
In response to Sarah Treleaven's story (With concerns about the safety of sunscreen on the rise, who should we believe?, June 28), if I spend half an hour in this sun without sunscreen, my skin would burn the same way it would if I stuck my arm in the oven. I immediately go red, get blisters and sun stroke and feel physically ill. The sun is very dangerous for some. I cannot be in it without sunscreen.

Dana Kennedy, Manchester

Not everyone is paying municipality fee
Regarding issues with the Abu Dhabi municipality fee collection glitches (April 10), it appears there continue to be many expats still not being charged the fee. More than half of my colleagues have not received any bills from ADDC. Two of my colleagues left the country without having to pay anything. It's bad enough that my family and I have had to cancel our summer holiday due to the extra costs incurred by the fee, but it is even worse knowing that many have not received this fee at all. Some suspected they haven't receive the bills since they are renting from expat owners, but a number of others are renting through large real estate companies and are still unsure why they haven't had to pay. Is there a special provision I haven't heard of?
Name withheld upon request