Patrols to protect Abu Dhabi's fossil dunes were needed

Our readers have their say on refugees, protests, cyclones, covid and vandals
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Natural fossil dunes attraction on the outskirts, at Al Wathba. Khushnum Bhandari for The National

With reference to Gillian Duncan's report Abu Dhabi patrols to protect petrified sand dunes from vandals (May 18): this is a fantastic move by the UAE and the Abu Dhabi government. I was one of the people who discovered the vandalism and it broke my heart. It is a shame that some people can't enjoy something without destroying it.

This ancient site is beyond beautiful and we were very lucky to have been allowed to appreciate it without barriers.

Hannah Androulaki-Khan, Abu Dhabi

Migrants crossing over is a sad, familiar story

With regard to Soraya Ebrahimi's article Spain sends troops after record 8,000 migrants enter Spanish enclave of Ceuta illegally (May 18): it's really sad that the situation in some countries is so volatile that people have to flee their homes. One keeps hearing similar stories from around the world. The same thing happens on the US border but people seem to think the US should let those migrants in. Why the double standards in the world?

Leanne Hogins, Abu Dhabi

Cyclone Taukate: prayers for India

With regard to the article Indian navy scrambles to save vessels cast adrift by Cyclone Tauktae (May 18): our thoughts and prayers are with everyone suffering and affected.

Abuzer Ghani, London, UK

So sad to see this. My grandparents lived about 10 minutes from where this video is shot, near the Taj Mahal Palace hotel and Gateway of India, right on Marine Drive.

Yaasmeen Abedeen, Karachi, Pakistan

I am just so shocked to see what is happening in India. No respite from Coronavirus and now a cyclone.

Nevin Bhobun, Mauritius

India's continuing fight

With reference to the report India's Covid-19 case tally passes 25 million (May18): the reality on ground is just horrific. India's second wave is attacking even the young and there are numerous cases where people have been infected for a second time, showing the unpredicatable nature of the virus. Apart from this crisis, the cyclone hit and state governments have to provide cyclone relief. Till the country makes headway with vaccines, the only tools at our disposal are social distancing and hope.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

The trouble with taking sides

I write to you with regard to Soraya Ebrahimi's report Metropolitan Police investigating officer who shouted 'free Palestine' at protest (May 18): love and huge respect for this brave policewoman. She stood for oppressed Palestinian people. I feel for here. After all, she is human too, someone's daughter, a person with a good heart.

Farvez Mohideen, Kuwait City