MJ Akbar case in India shows scope of #MeToo movement

Our readers have their say on the train crash in Amritsar, the Khashoggi investigation and #MeToo

epa07100136 (FILE) - Indian Minister of State MJ Akbar in New Delhi, India, 20 March 2017 (reissued 17 October 2018). According to reports, MJ Akbar has resigned from his post as junior foreign minister after several women had accused him of sexual misconduct.  EPA/STR
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I write in reference to your article On the coat-tails of #MeToo, is it finally time for a big Bollywood clean-up? (October 11): finally MJ Akbar has resigned amid the #MeToo controversy.

The recent allegations against the former Indian minister for external affairs from various journalists, his denial and now his resignation are dramatic developments.

He could have stepped down as soon as allegations arose but his resignation is nevertheless welcome. Now the ball is in his court to prove his innocence. Will he succeed in his mission?

There is much at stake here both for the journalists who complained about their former boss and anyone accused of such allegations. Where cases are proven, authorities must act on complainants’ grievances.

My appeal to all bosses out there is to treat your employees with dignity and consider them your equal, regardless of gender or status.

Name withheld by request

Joyous celebration turns to nightmare in Amritsar

I write in reference to your article More than 50 dead in India train disaster (October 20): the tragedy in Amritsar, Punjab, where more than 61 people were mowed down and killed by a train while watching the Ram Lila celebrations, was horrible.

A moment of celebration became a nightmare. We must ask: why were the celebrations being held in the proximity of the railway tracks?

Why were people permitted to enter the railway track area? Were there enough police officers to prevent people from standing on tracks? All these questions need to be answered.

Unfortunately, at time it seems to me that human life is taken for granted in India. It is very sad and lamentable. Every human life is precious.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Khashoggi case requires a thorough investigation

Please refer to your editorial Truth and justice must prevail in Saudi case (October 21), your well-written piece on the mysterious death of Jamal Khashoggi was important.

After endless conjecture and various countries speculating on the disappearance of the popular journalist, it emerged that he had in fact died in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. This is a tragedy.

The world has been told that his death occurred during a physical altercation but as you rightly argued, a thorough investigation should be carried out and those responsible should be held to account.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru