Indian security forces personnel are on manoeuvres as a gunfight with militants has happened that killed 4 soldiers, in South Kashmir's Pulwama district, some 10 km away from the spot of recent suicide bombing, on February 18, 2019. At least four soldiers died on February 18 in a fierce gunfight with rebels in Indian-administered Kashmir just four days after a suicide bomber killed 41 paramilitaries in the troubled territory, officials said. One soldier and one civilian were also critically wounded in the shootout as troops launched a search operation in Pulwama district where the suicide bomber struck on February 14. / AFP / STR
Indian security forces in south Kashmir's Pulwama district. AFP

India and Pakistan must resist stoking further tension

Regarding Rashmee Roshan Lall's column The intensity of India's anger makes it harder to hear calm voices (February 19), the misplaced hysteria and jingoism being demonstrated by India over the Pulwama incident is very unfortunate.

UN resolutions on a plebiscite in Kashmir remain the basic faultline and unfinished agenda of the events of 1947. One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. Pakistan cannot be blamed for complicity in the Pulwama attack without any credible and actionable evidence, nor can it be cited in every indigenous reaction by Kashmiris to the ongoing situation in their province and the massive Indian army deployment. It underlines the fact that such false flags have been flown in the past and in an election year, there is an increased motive. India must desist from stoking a nuclear flashpoint. The report that Indian farmers are refusing to send tomatoes to Pakistan gives some light comic relief in the midst of heightened tension. Unlike Indian PM Narendra Modi’s threats of a “crushing” response, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has been measured and mature in his response and deserves respect.

Mohammad Hamza, Dubai

Neither country is in a position to wage war. This requires a simple solution: do the investigation using Pakistani and Indian intelligence services, with a third party to ensure credibility, then try those responsible. It’s foolhardy to go to war over an isolated incident. It’s obvious whoever carried out the attack wanted this type of reaction. If there are rogue elements within Pakistani state institutions who were complicit, it can deal with them separately.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai

Narendra Modi is fighting for his political survival and Imran Khan for his image.

Ricardo Lorea, California

Renewables projects are an ambitious undertaking

Regarding your story UAE to miss 2021 clean energy targets due to Barakah delays (February 19), when you consider the approach from a number of other countries, this was ambitious but it is certainly more than others are doing. The UAE has targets in mind, it just needs to keep working towards them.

Kate Bell, Dubai

Shamima Begum must learn a lesson from her behaviour

With reference to your online story British government to revoke citizenship of Shamima Begum (February 20), this is very sad. I hope whatever the UK government decides, someone does rehabilitate her, educate her and teach her the true message of Allah and Islam. When she is mature enough, she can spread the true message of religion as one of peace.

Ricky Jaiswal, Dubai

I agree with the UK government decision. If she did it once she could do it again.

Junaid Malik, Abu Dhabi

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