Good to see turtles being released into their natural habitat

Our readers have their say on hawksbill turtles, UAE's dipping infections, rates of testing and living with coronavirus

Sheikh Hamdan, Crown Prince of Dubai, poses with one of the sea turtles he helped release into the wild. Instagram/ @faz3
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With reference to the video Sheikh Hamdan releases turtles into the wild to celebrate World Sea Turtle Day (June 16): it is beautiful how caring and respectful he is of the life all around in the natural world.

Christine McGrath, Dubai 

It would be desirable the UAE government takes this as an incentive to review future coastal developments to leave unpopulated space so that precious wildlife keeps flourishing.

Laura EK, Abu Dhabi

Decreasing coronavirus numbers in the UAE are a relief

With reference to Sophie Prideaux's report The Dubai swimming pools now open and what to know before you go (June 12): it's a relief that places are opening up, even pools. And it is such great news that the numbers are finally going down.

Jawad Nimri, Abu Dhabi 

Do the number of cases always relate to rates of testing? 

With reference to your video on Facebook: Donald Trump on coronavirus: "If we stop testing right now we would have very few cases, if any.": by this reasoning, if we stop testing for cancer there will be no cancer. The problem will be solved and no cure will be needed if we don't. But facts can't just be swept under the carpet by not testing.

Jacqui Josephson, Bournemouth, England

Covid-19 is real and I thank God every day that the Abu Dhabi has taken this seriously. Testing here is probably the best in the world.

Heather Plews, Abu Dhabi  

A lot of other countries have better testing rates than the US.

Angela Rihia-Tamaki, Abu Dhabi

Here in the UAE we are increasing our testing but reducing the cases so it is not necessary that more tests will result in more cases. More cases will be a result of not having the right guidelines in place. In all other countries where cases reduced, it was due to the measures taken. If we go by his words then New Zealand should not be congratulated for their work.

Mohammed Al Edroos, Dubai 

The virus may always be around and we need to live with that

With reference to the report New Zealand military to oversee borders after virus bungle (June 17): this virus could be around till the end of our lives. Societies need to get accustomed to it and not stop day-to-day activities.

Eugene Goldberg, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia