Emirati engineers behind the UAE’s Mars mission are an inspiration

Our readers have their say on the UAE's Mars mission, students having to leave the US, and the last patient to walk out of Dubai's field hospital

Engineers at the launch site in Tanegashima island, Japan. Courtesy: Emirates Mars Mission
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In reference to Sarwat Nasir's report Emirati engineers launching the Arab world's first mission to Mars share remarkable journey (July 7): Fantastic. It would be great to have an exhibition on the UAE's space activities here in Abu Dhabi.

Haidi Scarlet, Abu Dhabi 

Good news, finally: last patient leaves field hospital

Regarding Nick Webster's article Coronavirus: Dubai World Trade Centre field hospital discharges final Covid-19 patient (July 7): this is great news. God bless the UAE.

Nii Annan, Accra, Ghana

That's wonderful. I am glad he has fully recovered.

Timea Maria Karlik, Abu Dhabi

Well done, UAE. I am proud of these efforts and feel lucky to be able to work in this country.

Dorina D Peanca, Dubai 

An uncertain time for students who have to leave the US 

Regarding Anam Rizvi's story UAE students voice concern after US warns learners may have to leave country if classes remain online (July 7): this is not a smart move. Donald Trump wants to open universities so he can say that they're open thanks to him and that the pandemic has 'disappeared'. Universities desperately need the tuition fees of foreign students. And students can't interrupt their studies and risk losing many credits and courses that other universities might not accept, even if these poor students find other universities to transfer to that will accept them.

Linda MacConnell, Abu Dhabi

This is an irrational step. Personally, I am about to lose half my friends here. Economically speaking, for the US, I don't understand what sense this makes.

Zaid Haddad, Florida, US

If the purpose is to get an education then it shouldn’t matter if you’re back home or in US. One of the student visa conditions is the student is only allowed to have one online class (three credits) and the rest have to be in person. The US government does not want students hanging doing nothing or taking jobs illegally. If I was in these students' shoes I wouldn’t mind being back home with my family, studying online and still getting a US education.

Koko Al, New York, US 

This move doesn't make sense. The students are not on welfare.

Yulia Hulia, Dubai 

I suppose students could continue to study online from their home country without the cost of accommodation and other living expenses while in the US.

Randall Mohammed, Dubai