Egyptian swimmer merges athleticism and grace

Our readers have their say on a swimming world record, noisy vehicles, vaccines, peace in Yemen and gun violence

Egyptian swimmer, Omar Sayed Shaaban, 21, who has broken the record for the highest out-of-water jump while wearing a monofin, trains with his monofin at Cairo Stadium Swimming Pools, Egypt, March 20, 2021. Picture taken March 20, 2021. REUTERS/Hayam Adel
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With regard to the report Like a fish (jumping) out of water: Egyptian record breaker shows how it's done (March 22): that was a stunning record by Omar Sayed Shaaban. Amazing to watch so much athleticism and grace come together, that too at the age of just 21. That particular move with the monofin is something I've never seen before. Many congratulations to him.

Humphrey B Macharia, Seattle, US

Residents relieved at crackdown on noisy vehicles

With reference to Haneen Dajani's story Dubai Police confiscate 1,097 cars for being too noisy (March 23): this is welcome news. There are some bikers and car drivers who do this just to disturb others and draw attention to themselves.

Danish Mehdi, Dubai

Many people have complained about this as hundreds of residents are disturbed every night when the D54 road in Dubai becomes a racetrack for motorbikes to reach top speeds.

Stefan Wieland, Dubai

Good job, Dubai Police. The only goal of a lot of these noisemakers is to show off their cars and bikes. Most of them have no manners on the road and I have come across many reckless and rude drivers. I'm thankful to the people who complained and that steps have been taken to curb the menace.

BT, Dubai

Peace in Yemen is long overdue

Regarding Joyce Karam's report Saudi Arabia announces political initiative to end war in Yemen (March 22): great news. A political solution will be ideal. This has been long overdue.

Musatapha Ahmad, Abu Dhabi

Shopping vouchers to incentivise vaccination?

With regard to Simon Rushton's article France backtracks to allow 'vaccinodromes' to speed up stuttering inoculation drive (March 24): supermarkets and shopping centres can also play a major role in fostering rapid vaccinations. Retailers can offer the jab to their customers at the premises. Shoppers who can show a certificate to prove they've been inoculated could perhaps even be entitled to a special discount for the next three months to incentivise people to get in line fast.

Rajendra Aneja, Dubai

Biden must end gun violence in the US

With reference to the report Gunman and 10 victims of Colorado mass shooting identified (March 23): The Biden administration must act immediately to end gun culture in the US. It's such a tragedy that time and again lives end this way. The present Biden administration is doing a good job of addressing the pandemic, neglected last year by the previous administration. They should do everything now to end this violence and permanently safeguard the interest of innocent civilians of America, migrants of various nations, students, workers.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India