Coronavirus cannot be an excuse to litter

Our readers have their say on picking up litter, following trusted news sources and a video that the UAE put out

A discarded plastic glove is pictured in London on the morning on March 24, 2020 after Britain ordered a lockdown to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Britain was under lockdown March 24, its population joining around 1.7 billion people around the globe ordered to stay indoors to curb the "accelerating" spread of the coronavirus. / AFP / DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS
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The civilised thing to do: pick up your own litter

In reference to Nyree McFarlane's piece An open letter to the man I saw throwing his disposable glove on the ground (April 8): yes, I have seen this disgusting habit start now. People throw their gloves and masks on the ground. That combined with spitting – absolutely nasty.
Demitri SS Perera, Dubai 

Fine them heavily. Littering is pure laziness. This makes my blood boil. There are garbage cans everywhere. Use them for what they are intended and don't be so arrogant to think someone else should pick up after you. And if there is no garbage can around, here's an idea: hold on to your rubbish till you find one.

Marie LB, Dubai

There is too much of that "someone else will pick up my trash" mindset. It says a lot about a person.

Elize van Wyk, Dubai

Two days ago I confronted a lady who literally dumped her gloves on the ground as she was walking out of the Lulu at Reem Island. I picked them up and handed them back to her.

Feda Jarad, Abu Dhabi 

Feeling unwell, assuming the worst? Check a trusted source

With reference to Layla Mashkoor and Liz Cookman's report 100 days of coronavirus: how Covid-19 spread through the Gulf (April 8): in the UAE, government health departments have taken significant steps to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep citizens safe and healthy.

However, despite these measures and updates, people still have genuine concerns about what to do in case they or someone close to them develops symptoms.

There also seems to be confusion about when to get tested and whom to contact. I would urge everyone to check the government health department websites that clearly address what to do in such a case and not rely on hearsay.
Dr Hanish Babu, Sharjah

The UAE has put out a powerful, reassuring video

In reference to the report Coronavirus: UAE video campaign inspires nation's fight against Covid-19 (April 8): we are all waiting for the day when we are free from this virus.

Vinod NP, Dubai

This is a powerful video. People in the UAE do trust the government completely to look out for them.

Charmaine Revaka, Gaborone, Botswana

Italy thanks the UAE for its help in fighting this pandemic. And Italy will be by your side as soon as it can.
Antonia Tartaglia, Abu Dhabi