An Hermès bag is surely a better investment than a car

A Himalaya Birkin was sold at auction for a whopping Dh1.4 million, making it the world's most valuable handbag. Courtesy Heritage Auctions
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In reference to your article, Baghunter unveils updated research on the Hermès Birkin: it's a better investment than gold  (July 24), I can confirm that. I lost 90 per cent of my car's worth when I came to sell it nine years later. By contrast, I bought an Hermès 10 years back that is worth 30 per cent more now. Moral of the story: instead of going for an investment policy or a fancy car, I'll buy another Kelly or maybe even an original. One thing is for sure: they retain their value way more than most affordable commodities.

Tanya Milbourne, Abu Dhabi


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New teachers have a lot to adjust to

I refer to your news item Hundreds of new teachers arrive in Abu Dhabi to prepare for new academic year (July 23). These teachers have never been to the UAE before, so they are not familiar with the country's school system. Adjusting to it will certainly take time.

Chika Marie, Abu Dhabi

Welcome to the UAE new teachers. I have just returned home after teaching in Abu Dhabi for six years. As with anywhere, there are glitches, but on the whole, it is a wonderful opportunity. Best wishes to you all. I had the time of my life.

Lynda Goggin Mowbray, Ontario

Muslim Brotherhood are the most power-hungry of all

I refer to the article, Erdogan urges Qatar and quartet to negotiate and end the crisis (July 24). Muslim Brotherhood leaders supposedly follow the ideology while they themselves cling to power.

Afreen Baig, Saudi Arabia

Since when is being well-informed a threat?

In reference to your article, Muslim woman detained for reading Syria art book on plane to sue (July 24), I would sue as well. Being cultured is only a threat to ignorant people.

Rgna Cordell, Abu Dhabi

Were residents warned about dirty car law?

In reference to your article, Abu Dhabi authorities fine 500 motorists for dusty cars (July 24), were residents warned prior to the implementation of this super strict ruling? Or, if it is an old law that was never fully enforced, was notification given that it would eventually be fully enforced? That would have been totally normal if, in fact, the rules were spelled out well in advance.

Dave Pryce, Abu Dhabi

Why pay for parking at a yard when we already pay a yearly fee for parking next to our homes?

Danny Kandarian, Abu Dhabi