Al Qaeda’s vile ideology has nothing to do with Islam

Our readers have their say about Al Qaeda, Idlib, the FNC and India's space exploration programme

The current leader of Al Qaeda, Ayman Al Zawahiri. AFP
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I write to you in reference to your article Al Qaeda claims Pakistan detained wife of chief Zawahiri (August 23).

Al Qaeda has perpetrated unnameable horrors in the name of the Prophet, but Islam has got nothing to do with this extremist group.

Islam is a religion of peace.

Muaz Muhammad, Cairo

When will the bloodshed in Idlib finally come to a stop?

I write to you in reference to you article Air strikes kill 12 civilians in north-western Syria (August 27).

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that 12 civilians were killed by Russian and Syrian regime airstrikes in Syria. What a tragedy.

Such brutality must never target innocent civilians who have done nothing wrong and are simply trying to live their lives.

Yet, the Syrian regime and its Russian ally continue to kill Syrians unchallenged. These actions are highly condemnable.

When will the International community address this issue and end the bloodshed once and for all?

K Ragavan, Bengaluru

Congratulations to women contesting the FNC elections

This refers to the report More than 180 women set to contest Federal National Council elections (August 27).

This milestone was reached thanks to the UAE President’s call for more female representation in the Federal National Council (FNC).

Better representation will help reduce inequality between men and women and sends a strong message to the whole nation.

President Khalifa’s call to increase the number of women at the FNC from 20 per cent to 50 per cent is a big leap that will encourage women to take up high ranked positions.

A modern society cannot overlook women’s vital contributions.

Private companies as well as public institutions should also implement gender qotas to achieve gender balance in top-level leadership roles.

Ramachandran Nair, Muscat

Space race cannot come at expense of ordinary Indians

I write to you in reference to Rebecca Bundhun's article A moon mission and a space station: what is behind India's new space race? (August 25).

Many Indians still live in poverty. We should focus our efforts on making their lives better.

Name withheld by request