What is the affect of consumer boycotts?

Our readers have their say on customers boycotting Starbucks, a skateboarder's mission, Dubai visas and the spirit of Ramadan

FILE PHOTO: Members of the Starbucks Workers Union and other labor organization picket and hold a rally outside a company owned Starbucks store, during the coffee chain's Red Cup Day event in New York City, U. S. , November 16, 2023.   REUTERS / Brendan McDermid / File Photo
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With reference to John Benny's article Starbucks Middle East operator to shed 2,000 jobs amid Gaza war boycotts (March 6): It’s unfortunate but this will open the way for more local shops and businesses to open. They can find new jobs but innocent people dying in Palestine can’t find new lives.

Razz T, Sharjah

Other regional and local brands will rise to cater to the demand. People can work in ethical places to help their communities.

Jessy S, Beirut, Lebanon

Palestinian skateboarder's winsome cause for Gaza

With regard to One Carlo Diaz's report Palestinian skateboarder represents his people with pride at Dubai Olympic qualifier (March 05): That's a powerful message. I hope he knows he has the support of a lot of people and I wish Aram well in the competition.

Michele Schubert, Dubai

It's beautiful what Aram Sabbah is trying to do for the children in Gaza. And he's absolutely right that the children there need a better life. Bravo for the effort of trying to bring skateparks to Gaza. It breaks my heart to think of so many young people and families in Gaza at the moment not finding food. Children should be playing like other little ones anywhere else in the world, not having to run from bombs and being scared for their lives.

Perhia S, Muscat

Appreciation for government efficiency

With reference to Ali Al Shouk's report Dubai cuts visa process from 30 days to five (March 6): From 30 days to five is very impressive. As a long term resident of Dubai, I'm proud to witness a mindset of continuous improvement and call this city home.

Michael K, Dubai

Upholding the spirit of Ramadan

I am writing to you about Shelina Janmohamed's op-ed The power of Ramadan in a time of the Israel-Gaza war (March 5): As Ramadan approaches, it is a reminder of the virtues that lie at the heart of humanity – selfless service, compassion, empathy, tolerance and truthfulness. These transcend religious boundaries.

Those who engage in fraudulent acts or accumulate wealth through unethical means may achieve fleeting material success but they tend to remain worried, haunted by past transgressions and bereft of lasting serenity. In contrast, people grounded in virtues such as truthfulness and empathy attain a sense of unity and bliss.

As we honour the spirit of Ramadan, let us collectively reflect on these timeless ideals and strive to create a society that champions simplicity over shrewdness, humility over vanity and compassion over abhorrence. Through our shared efforts, we can foster a more harmonious world where the dignity of every human being is upheld and celebrated.

Shiben Krishen Raina, Dubai

Published: March 08, 2024, 3:00 AM