George Santos: Accountability catching up with Republicans

Our readers have their say about legal troubles of US politicians, violence in the Indian state of Manipur, sea creatures in Abu Dhabi and designer bags

George Santos leaves Central Islip Federal Courthouse in Central Islip, New York, on May 10. Reuters
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Clashes in Manipur: violence is not the solution

With reference to Taniya Dutta’s article Thousands flee villages in India's Manipur after deadly ethnic violence flares (May 9): the ongoing crisis in India's North-Eastern state of Manipur was sad and painful to read. Despite local administration and the centre taking steps to control the violence, at least 60 people were reported to have been killed and more than 230 injured and 1700 houses were burnt. This is a deep wound for the state. It should be condemned by all. Violence is never an acceptable solution. Communal clashes can happen anywhere but mobs must be controlled before the situation gets heated. Community leaders should work towards promoting harmony and not allow hatred to breed. This clash between tribals and non-tribals shows deep animosity, which all parties must help heal. I hope normality soon returns to the state of Manipur and with time communities work to rebuild trust.

K Ragavan, Bengaluru, India

Accountability catching up with some Republicans

With reference to The National's report George Santos: US Congressman pleads not guilty to federal criminal charges (May 10): This is a good sign. Hopefully, one by one republicans with far from a clean record will be gotten rid of, one way or another. And they're doing it all to themselves.

Paul Deguglielmo, California, US

Watching orcas swimming in the Abu Dhabi waters

With regard to Ali Al Shouk's piece Some hotels advised against sea swimming after orcas spotted in Abu Dhabi waters (May 10):

It's good to see this. Orcas are such beautiful creatures.

Adam El-Balawi, Dubai

An unhealthy obsession with designer bags

With regard to Gemma White's write up TikTok video 'Handmaking A Birkin For My Girlfriend' goes viral (May 10): The consumerist mentality is a big problem worldwide, that too in a world with grave income inequality. It is senseless that people would pay $110k for what is just a purse, no matter how nice looking or fine the leather.

Gail Bracy, Texas, US

How to tell you’re a Dubai old timer

With reference to Selina Denman’s article Six signs you are a Dubai old-timer (February 4): I remember the iconic Hard Rock Cafe at SZR with two giant guitars in front.

Djamaliddin Umarkhodjaev, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

I’ve been watching it grow for 41 years, while living in Abu Dhabi.

Linda MacConnell, Abu Dhabi

Published: May 12, 2023, 3:00 AM