The UAE's wise move to tackle late salaries

Our readers have their say on penalties for overdue wages, the UK economy, sea pollution, traffic in the Netherlands and snow in Abu Dhabi

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The UAE's move to tackle late salaries

With reference to the report UAE doubles down on penalties for late payment of wages (July 27): It would be good also if the Government took similar action against some of the main contractors of big companies to release payments for their sub contractors and suppliers. That will make it easy even for employees of those companies to receive their salaries on time.

R Bangash Ali, Abu Dhabi

Very good. This was a necessary step.

Elize van Wyk, Dubai

It would help so many employees to be also able to check if their employers are complying with the labour law when it comes to fair compensation.

Goldwyn Zarate, Abu Dhabi

The UK shouldn't go on a spending spree

With reference to Gavin Esler's op-ed Are the British Conservatives in big trouble? (July 27): This piece assumes that hiking taxes for people during this time is the way to improve tax revenues. Supporters believe that as long as someone richer than them is paying the tax then everything will be fine. But the Labour government proved how they can't balance the books and left the UK with a huge burdensome debt that the Conservative party inherited and successfully managed to reduce through austerity measures. Not a good plan to go splurging again at this time with Labour and leave the next generation with unavoidable high taxes for the rest of their working lives.

Nick Jollie, Dubai

A sustainability win for the Netherlands notwithstanding...

With regard to Tim Stickings's article Netherlands named best country in Europe for green-minded drivers (July 27): Few traffic jams? Driving in Dubai is a relief after being used to driving in The Netherlands!

Theon Van Der Linden, Dubai

Free the seas of pollution

Regarding Joshua Longmore's video Watch 100,000 kilograms of plastic being removed from ocean (July 27): It's a drop in the ocean but a good start nonetheless.

Stephen Miller, Dunbar, UK

Snow in Abu Dhabi

With reference to David Tusing's piece Now it's snowing in Abu Dhabi: artist's striking series reimagines wintry emirate (July 27): For all our contribution to global warming, the scary thing is if in a couple of decades, for all we know, the climate in Europe could feel like the climate in the Middle East and here it might feel like Europe.

Clement Weins Anthony, Dubai

Thank you to the artist for sharing these images. They're beautiful.

Alice Fattaleh Zaed, East Jerusalem

Published: July 29, 2022, 3:00 AM