Falcon Hospital’s role is laudable

A reader commends the Falcon Hospital for its animal-welfare efforts. Other topics: UAE's tolerance, healthy eating, adventure park

A reader commends the Falcon Hospital for its animal-welfare efforts. Satish Kumar / The National
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The work done by the staff at the Falcon Hospital for the care of all animals is commendable (Fur, feathers, but no fable: Abu Dhabi shelter does not quit on animals, January 17).

They have helped to reduce the number of stray animals and improve their general health. In my area in Abu Dhabi, the company contracted to operate the TNR (trap, neuter, release) programme is very good. They can trap the cats – or in my case collect the ones I have already caught – take them to the hospital to be neutered and return them the next day, with their ear tipped to show they have been neutered.

However, some people have told me this reliability is not evident in other areas, where cats are collected but not returned to the same place.

Dr Margit Muller mentioned that street cats could easily get their food from the rubbish bins, but the new municipality bins are very high and have self-closing lids, so that is no longer the case.

We are fortunate to have the Falcon Hospital here and their education programmes encourage children to be caring and responsible pet owners.

G Stevenson, Abu Dhabi

Our country is an example of tolerance

The seed of tolerance and religious freedom was sown by the country's founding father, Sheikh Zayed. Your story is a wonderful tribute of Sheikh Zayed legacy with the continued direction from President Sheikh Khalifa (UAE Minister and clerics say monastery site in Abu Dhabi is a lesson in tolerance for all, January 19). Thank you, The National, for the wonderful story.

Victor Mooney, Abu Dhabi

The UAE is a model nation. We appreciated our worship time in Abu Dhabi and Dubai and will always have the best memories of life in this beautiful country.

Joann Howard Boone, Abu Dhabi

Teach children to eat healthy

Parents ought to set examples to their children that they will follow even in their adulthood (70 per cent of pregnant women in UAE risk health issues due to vitamin D deficiency: study, November 7).

Every day my seven-year-old son takes a small bottle of vitamin D milk to school. Once he complained that he only gets plain milk while his friends drink chocolate and strawberry milk. I asked him whether he doesn’t feel sad that many of his friends have to visit dentists because their teeth are weak. He understood my point.

When I told him that I give him milk with vitamin D that helps strengthen bones and teeth, he felt happy. This is how we need to teach our children good habits and that is all we can do as parents.

Christina Toebast, Abu Dhabi

Reactions to adventure park

I was disappointed to watch the video on your Facebook page of Aventura, the outdoor adventure park that has just opened in Dubai.

More natural habitats are turning into playgrounds for humans. The beautiful Ghaf forest is now ruined. Couldn’t this have been placed elsewhere? This is a sad development.

Mike Barth, Dubai

This is probably going to be my next weekend destination. Hopefully it’ll prove to be better than camping.

Ebonie Platfoot, Dubai

This looks like super fun. We need outdoor entertainments such as these. The more the better. Of course we need to be mindful that we don’t destroy nature for the sake of fun.

Anita Rajan, Dubai

I am excited about this adventure park. This is definitely on my weekend getaway list and I am going to check it out soon. I am going to contact my friends who would definitely enjoy this experience.

Peter Rhenius, Dubai