UAE National Day: a time for celebration and motivation

Reflecting on progress over the past 51 years can build momentum for the future

Women take photos by the National Day decorations at Mohammed Bin Rashid Library, Dubai. Khushnum Bhandari / The National
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It might not be an overstatement to suggest that the duration between the UAE’s 50th and 51st anniversary celebrations seems relatively long. The success, scale, and magnitude of the country’s initiatives, accomplishments and projects during 2022 give that impression. After all, moments of joy for a nation are derived from recounting such accomplishments, enlisting significant progress and valuing constant readiness to tackle its numerous challenges.

The leadership of President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed provides a different flavour to the UAE’s 51st National Day celebration. A few days ago, the UAE launched the “We, The UAE 2031” strategy. It is a national plan, a roadmap for the next decade and a decisive step toward the federation’s centennial, led by the UAE President.

Moments of Emirati joy on an auspicious occasion such as National Day get more significant when they relate to the extent of UAE’s success in achieving its targets and objectives as a nation. “We, The UAE 2031” is a timely announcement, and countries that manage time properly deserve its accolades.

As the National Day comes toward the end of the year, the joy and celebration become a reward for the UAE people and expatriates for the entire year’s accomplishments. For the UAE, the National Day is not a slogan or mere rhetoric, but the outcome of a reality built with relentless efforts. The UAE today is the second-largest Arab economy and the third-largest economy in the Middle East. A diverse ecosystem supports its secure institutional environment that enhances moderation, tolerance, co-existence and inter-faith dialogue. These conditions empower the principles of human fraternity, renounce extremism and help fight against terrorism.

The UAE’s National Day blends joy with pride and makes the celebration an occasion to motivate and contribute more toward the country’s advancement. It is an occasion to widen opportunities, enhance capabilities and self-development, and increase partnerships. It encourages investment in science, knowledge and innovation. These efforts further empower the nation’s independence and put it on the path of glory.

Those observing the UAE’s march toward progress can discern a common denominator between the country’s development and alliances. It has been the key to the UAE’s success. The nation is aware that expanding windows of opportunity is imperative. It firmly believes that opportunities come with risks and unjustified caution is not the best way forward. It is not without reason that the UAE, which has 0.13 per cent of the world’s population, represents about 1.5 per cent of global trade.

The generous Emirati leadership’s awareness of opportunities and readiness to tackle challenges provide a fundamental motivation for the nation. We collectively take pride in this beautiful country and congratulate its wise leadership. Many happy returns of the day, and long live the UAE federation.

Published: December 01, 2022, 9:00 AM