Abu Dhabi rents ought to come down

Readers says Abu Dhabi's rental market is overinflated. Other topics: tap water, dog torture, driverless cars

Readers say Abu Dhabi’s rental market is overinflated. Mona Al Marzooqi / The National
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Abu Dhabi's rental market is currently grossly overinflated and a reduction in rents would be welcomed by the vast majorly of struggling expatriates (Rents and house prices continue downward trend in Abu Dhabi, January 2).

I have seen a reduction in rents on Reem Island.

Rachel Emmett, Abu Dhabi

Some landlords would rather see their property empty than reduce rent for current tenants. The inconvenience and cost of moving apartments keep tenement locked in with less negotiation power.

Jase White, Abu Dhabi

Don’t blame the tap water

Regarding your story The many myths of the UAE's tap water (January 29), the water in London is recycled seven times by the time you drink it. I couldn't understand why I was always sick when I went there. I would much prefer to drink UAE water.

Our overactive and stressful lifestyles and bad diet are more to blame than water.

We have been here for 22 years and we have always drunk tap water with no crazy side-effects.

Schern Hanley, Dubai

I went to a doctor and he did say that the water is one reason that can cause hair loss here.

Chris Reid, Dubai

Tap water is OK to drink (Why you should be drinking local water, February 1). The local bottled water is better and I prefer it. I wish it was possible to put more pressure on restaurants and hotels to offer local bottled water at reasonable prices.

Ginny Gilmore, Abu Dhabi

I’m tired of places in Dubai that offer only Acqua Panna bottles for Dh20.

Andrew Richards, Dubai

I don’t agree that tap water is safe for drinking. It’s better to drink mineral water.

Julie Bir, Dubai

I never touched any imported bottled water in the nearly 20 years I spent there.

I always stuck with Masafi. It would have been nice to drink the tap water, but what makes it bad is usually the pipes.

Bob Myerscough, Dubai

I have been here for the past 14 years.

I have always used the tap water for cooking or hot drinks. The only time I lost my hair is last year due to lack of Vitamin D.

Umm Firdaus Turaya, Dubai

Dog torture is appalling

I was sad to hear about the starving puppy that has been found in Dibba with a dislocated hip and two broken legs (Starving puppy with legs broken in fight for life at Dubai vet, February 2).

I hope the dog recovers both mentally and physically and gets a good life. I really can’t understand these vicious acts of cruelty against animals.

Siv Hartvigsen, Dubai

This is absolutely appalling. I hope the culprits are caught and prosecuted.

Valerie Carney, Dubai

I am absolutely disgusted and devastated. Thank God it is being looked after now.

Emma Banks, Dubai

This dog was probably used as bait in a dogfight. Disgusting.

Sangeetha Bhaskaran, Dubai

Focus on drivers to go driverless

It's good to know that the UAE is trying to bringing a revolution on its roads (A Sheikh Zayed Road without drivers? The rise of self-driving cars, February 3). But before that it should make a register of all the tailgaters, light-flashers, lane-weavers, I'm-more-important-than-yous and wanna-be race-car drivers, and give them one of these driverless vehicles. The manual option should be disabled and another car should never be registered in their names.

Dave Pryce, Dubai