Six-year-old Dubai pupil sets sights high after Everest trek

Ivan Krasiukov reached base camp of the world's tallest mountain during an unforgettable Eid family holiday

From left to right: Alla Krasiukov, Ivan Krasiukov, grade one pupil at Bloom World Academy, and Dmitrii Krasiukov at Mount Everest base camp.
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A six-year-old Dubai schoolboy is embracing the high life – after trekking to the base camp of Mount Everest in Nepal on his first attempt.

Ivan Krasiukov, a Russian pupil at Bloom World Academy, scaled an altitude of 5,364m in only seven days to make for an Eid family getaway that will be tough to top.

The daring youngster was accompanied by his parents, Dmitrii and Alla Krasiukov, and a sherpa for the remarkable feat, which saw him complete energy-sapping walks and climbs in freezing temperatures.

Ivan reached base camp on April 10 and spent another three days journeying back.

“I felt a little bit sad and a little bit happy when I reached the base camp,” said Ivan.

“I was happy to reach the destination but sad the journey had come to an end and we would have to take a flight back to Dubai.

“I liked seeing the Khumbu glacier. It was very beautiful.”

Scaling new heights

Ivan had been one only one other trek before taking on Mount Everest and said the cold winds posed a challenge.

“My hand was freezing because of the wind,” said Ivan.

The pupil said he enjoyed seeing animals such as yaks, oxen, donkeys and horses during his epic journey.

He also enjoyed eating pasta, which was available at the lodges along the way.

His father, Dmitrii Krasiukov, decided to go for the trek to the Everest base camp, but Ivan relished the opportunity to take part.

Sense of adventure

The only way is up for the young mountaineer, who vowed that he hasn't reached the peak of his ambitions just yet.

He is ready to go to the Everest Base Camp again and in the future hopes to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and Mount Elbrus in Russia.

Ivan already maintains an active lifestyle, having a keen interest in athletics, acrobatics, parkour, swimming, and dancing and has about 12 training sessions per week, said his family.

In athletics, Ivan runs various distances, which helped him to build the necessary endurance for the journey.

During the trek, Ivan used special trekking poles, but he did not use them during the last three days of the trip.

Proud parents

Mr Krasiukov said the family faced plenty of adversity on the gruelling climb.

“The most difficult day was the first day, and then Ivan got used to it. After that, it was easier.

“Of course, the day when we climbed to the base camp was challenging.

“On the way, there was a sandstorm and huge rocks that had to be climbed.

“Another difficult day was when we climbed from 4,000 to 4,900 metres for an acclimatisation day in Dingboche, and Ivan's hands froze because a strong and cold wind rose after lunch.”

At that moment, his father gave Ivan his gloves.

“It was a useful experience because after that, we bought warm mittens made of yak wool to avoid a similar situation when climbing to the Everest Base Camp,” said Mr Krasiukov.

“He's quite strong and he has endurance, which is very important in the mountains.”

Mr Krasiukov said he had prepared himself for the trek by running 5km every day, while his wife prepared by doing horse-riding.

“When Ivan was on the trek, he travelled alongside people from different countries such as China, Singapore, Taiwan, India, the UK, Spain, the US, Russia, Kazakhstan, and others,” he said.

“They all knew that Ivan was on the trek and that he was six years old, walking there without any assistance or support. This is not easy even for most adults.

“In Dingboche at an altitude of 4000 meters, he felt slightly nauseous, but it quickly passed.”

Bloom World Academy head teacher John Bell said: “At Bloom World Academy, we couldn't be prouder of Ivan's remarkable achievement at such a young age.

“His dedication to training, coupled with his adventurous spirit, is truly inspiring. Ivan's rigorous regimen, including athletics, acrobatics, parkour, swimming and dancing, prepared him well for the journey.

“Throughout the trek, he utilised special trekking poles, a testament to his determination and resilience. We commend Ivan for his exceptional accomplishment and look forward to supporting his future adventures.”

Updated: April 30, 2024, 10:26 AM