More rain forecast in UAE next week after record deluge

National weather centre predicts further rainfall on Monday and Tuesday - but at milder levels than in previous days

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The UAE is braced for more wet weather next week after being lashed by record rainfall in devastating storms on Tuesday.

The National Centre of Meteorology said there was a prospect of light rain on Monday evening, followed by further rain over parts of the Emirates the following day.

The Windy weather app shows rain largely concentrated over Dubai, projecting more wet weather and possible thunder in areas of the emirate on Tuesday.

In its latest five-day bulletin, the NCM said that Tuesday would be “cloudy at times with a chance of rainfall over scattered areas of the country, with a decrease in temperatures over some coastal areas”.

Expert says milder weather expected

A NCM weather expert said the rainfall will not approach the severity of the storms this week.

“We are looking at a series of medium clouds mainly from the west that are not heavily saturated with water vapour,” said Dr Ahmad Habib, senior meteorologist at the NCM.

“This will result in light to medium rainfall, primarily affecting the eastern regions near the mountains. Some isolated areas might experience heavier showers.

“This upcoming situation is very mild compared to what we experienced recently. It certainly will not reach the severe intensity of the last depression.”

These forecasts come as authorities embark on a mammoth clean-up operation after the storms.

Homes and roads have been flooded, partly submerged cars abandoned on motorways and flights cancelled, delayed and diverted.

The UAE on Tuesday experienced its largest single day of rainfall in the 75 years since records began in 1949.

NCM data, which covered a 24-hour period until 9pm on Tuesday, showed a 254mm of rain fell in one area of Al Ain – the equivalent of about two years' worth of average rainfall in the UAE.

The NCM said the persistent downpours were an “exceptional event in the UAE's climate history since the start of recording climate data”.

An Emirati driver died during flash floods on Tuesday in Ras Al Khaimah.

The man, who was in his seventies, died when his vehicle was swept away by strong currents during treacherous weather in Ras Al Khaimah.

Other people have had to leave their homes, as flash floods caused damage to property and led to power cuts.

Both government and private schools have switched to distance learning this week as a safety precaution.

Public sector staff were directed to work from home, while private sector companies were encouraged to allow employees to do the same.

A number of flooded roads have reopened – fully and partially – but drivers still face significant delays amid efforts to clear excess water.

Updated: May 08, 2024, 7:27 AM