Five deaths confirmed in Sharjah residential building fire

At least 156 people have been staying in temporary accommodation in nearby hotels

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Five people died in a fire at a residential tower in Sharjah on Thursday night.

At least 156 people have been forced to stay in temporary accommodation in a nearby hotel due to the damage caused by the fire.

The fire took place in the emirate's Al Nadha area, in a 39-storey high building comprising 750 apartments.

Maj Gen Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, commander-in-chief of Sharjah Police, offered his condolences to the families of those who died in the blaze.

There were a further 44 who suffered injuries in the fire, with 17 requiring hospital treatment.

Police were first notified about the blaze at 10.50pm on Thursday.

Of the 156 people who required temporary accommodation, 18 were children under the age of 10.

He came like an angel. I have not managed to find him but I owe him so much
Noufal Faziludeen, evacuated resident

Noufal Faziludeen, who lives on the 17th floor, said it took his wife and young child 10 minutes to escape, and that they did so thanks to a delivery driver who went into the building to help those inside escape.

"My wife and I got really scared as she was panicking when I was speaking to her on the phone – I got home as fast as I could," said Mr Faziludeen, who works for Amazon.

"She came from the 17th floor with my child and it was the first time she had experienced anything like this so she was very scared."

Mr Faziludeen told The National that a delivery boy came to the rescue when she was coming down and she met him on the stairs.

"He took my child, who is only one and a half. He helped them both out of the building.

"He came like an angel. I have not managed to find him but I owe him so much."

Geoffrey, a football coach from Ghana, was at home in the adjacent block to where the fire broke out just after 10pm and is now staying at a nearby hotel.

"I was in the building next door and could see the fire in Block B," he said.

"I was stuck there with five or six other people on the 20th floor and we were told to get to the roof. One of those people is in hospital now."

Geoffrey said they had to wait for the smoke to clear before they could go anywhere.

"When we looked outside we could see bodies on the ground, but we knew the emergency crew was coming."

A statement from the Philippine Consulate General in Dubai offered support for those involved.

“After the tragic loss of one Filipina compatriot we are closely monitoring the condition of her husband, who is currently in intensive care following a devastating fire in Sharjah's Al Nadha area.

“We extend our heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased and pray for the swift recovery of her husband, as well as the other 10 injured Filipinos who are receiving medical attention.

“The consulate is co-ordinating with local authorities and community leaders to ensure all affected Filipinos receive the support they need during this difficult time.”

Updated: April 07, 2024, 12:23 PM